About me

Hi! My name is Allison Davis, which I'm sure you had already figured out because of that big header at the top of the page that says "Allison Davis". But, just in case, I still feel the need to introduce myself. So, just to make sure we are on the same page, I'm Allison Davis. Got it? Awesome! Let's move on.

I am the mom to two wonderful boys, Drew and Jackson. Don't let me fool you. That wonderful doesn't imply that they are perfect, well-behaved gems. They are wonderfully crazy, wonderfully loud, wonderfully rambunctious, wonderfully messy, and wonderfully exhausting.  They are also wonderfully sweet, wonderfully cute, wonderfully lovable, wonderfully funny, and wonderfully charming. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't laugh or say "gross!" thanks to these two boys.

I am the wife to my awesome husband Mike. I wish I could tell you he was awesome but then I run into the risk of him reading this and forever throwing in my face "the time I called him awesome." Most days I wouldn't mind but he would most likely use it in time that I don't want to hear it. Like those days that I want to tell him what I really think about him piling dirty dishes in the left side of the sink. So, I won't call him awesome. I will however call us and our relationship awesome. There. Now if he wants to throw it in my face it has to include me too.

I am the employee of Scrapbook Generation owned by my mom (Debbie) and my aunt (Karin). My sister (Stacey) also works there. Scrapbook Generation is a business that consists of a 5,000 square foot store, a publishing company, and a soon to be large online store.

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We started off in 2004 with a smaller, 3,000 square foot store. As the years went by we figured out ways to make us stand apart from other stores. Kits and sketches became a huge part of our business and in 2010 we expanded to include Scrapbook Generation publishing. In 2011 we moved next door to a larger store and just this year, 2013, we have re-leased our old location as a warehouse for our next adventure, a large scale online store.

We each have different roles at SG and mine is to be creative. That's it. It sounds simple but it's anything but. Everything I contribute to SG involves creativity. Kits, classes, online classes, layouts, sketches, book ideas, event ideas, etc. I would be lying if I didn't say I loved my job. I work hard and I work a lot and I love it.

When I'm not working or hanging out with my family I also enjoy traveling, reading, photography, cook-offs, and baking cupcakes. Did that sound pagenty? It kind of did, didn't it? Let's see if I can fix that.

If I could travel everyday to a new place I would. The places I would most like to see are Italy, Fiji (I so badly want to stay in a hut in the ocean!), Ireland, Alaska, and anywhere else tropical.

I love to read. Always have and always will. I have a wall covered in books that I have never read and I love when it's time to pick a new one. I can easily get sucked into a good book and stay up until 4:00 a.m. finishing it. Some of my favorites lately are Atlas Shrugged, Tina Fey: Bossypants, The Godfather, and Dead Wrong.

Photography is another thing I have always loved. I would never consider myself a photographer even though I love to take pictures. I have never really taken the time to study it or learn more but I wish I would. I could spend all day looking at great pictures.

Cook-offs are a new hobby. Mike, my sister Stacey, her husband Jeremy, and myself recently competed in a Cajun cook-off and had a blast. We won best booth for our nerdy theme and made an awesome Cajun corn and crab bisque. We are already counting down the days to the chili cook-off next February!

Baking cupcakes? I don't really know why I like it. I hate cooking but love baking. I would guess that it has to do with cupcakes being easy but making them also allows for me to be creative. I love trying new flavors and decorations. I think I have over 200 cupcake recipes pinned on Pinterest.

So, to the two people one person who made it this far, that's it. That's me in a nutshell. Did I tell you my name was Allison Davis? You know, just in case we didn't cover that enough...


Lisa Dones said...

Allison, loved reading your bio, I laughed out loud when I read that your hubby stacks dirty dishes on the left side of the sink much to our dislike. I have the same rule in my kitchen, though rarely followed, please no dirty dishes on the left side!!! Keep up all the wonderful creativity, I enjoy every bit of it!

Dawn Gehring said...

Hi Allison. Just to let you know that someone else made it to the end of your bio, laughing, smiling and cherishing those moments with you. Love how you describe your men, all three of them. Best of luck with everything as you enjoy the journey.