Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm Back...Finally! (Random stuff again!)

So I finally finished my Hall of Fame entries and got them mailed!! I was pushing the deadline a little bit. I always seem to do that!! I think I must get that from Mom. The last week I had to work on them my camera crashed on me. I went to develop two rolls of film that I just knew where packed with great pictures (Drew was very cooperative in them). When I went to pick them up all I ended up with where 3 fuzzy pictures and 20 black ones. I sat in my vehicle and cried for about 10 minutes. I still had two pages to create for Hall of Fame and needed to get the pictures for them so I rushed out and managed to find a pretty good camera on sale. Needless to say, I was stressing just a little bit! These pictures are from playing around with my new camera. Drew must be getting used to my constant picture taking!
The store's doing great. We've been so busy the last month or so. The classes are going great, crops are filling up, clubs are overflowing! I've defiantly got plenty of work to do. I walked in the store yesterday and couldn't believe all of the new cute stuff we've gotten. I can't imagine anyone would walk out empty handed!
On a different subject, I found out yesterday that someone stole a class display!! Who does this!!! Why would you want someones stuff! It had her pictures and her handwriting on it! I guess I just never thought someone would be so lazy as to steal a project instead of taking the time to make it themselves. I never thought a lack of creativity could lead to a crime!
My next class is a Important Dates to Remember book. I'll try to post a picture soon!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Isn't it just nuts?? I wrote all about it on my NEW BLOG!! Come by and see me. Good luck with Hall of Fame.