Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lots of New Photos!!

I can't wait to start working on pages for these pictures!!

The top two bunny ear pictures are obviously from Easter. Mike didn't think it was right for a boy to wear bunny ears but unfortunately for him my family is all women and he was out numbered! He was fuming that Stacey got him a Dora Easter basket! All of the other pictures are from the park. Drew and I went Friday afternoon and Mike joined us on Saturday. It was so nice to spend the weekend outside!

Now is the time to stop by Scrapbook Generation!! I came in today to get some class stuff and decided to get a bottled water out of the fridge and couldn't even get to it because of all the boxes! We got a ton of stuff in today and if I heard mom right, this isn't the last of it!

I'll try to post my class stuff on here sometime but I'm not promising anything. The end of the month is my crazy busy time. I have to get my card kit club stuff together and cut and packaged. I also have to get my class displays finished and come up with my classes for the next two months! It takes me forever! I doubt I'll post again before the weekend. Have fun!


Kodi Logan said...

Cute pics! Emmarie loves the park. I'm sure we'll be there everyday this summer. I can't wait to spend the summer with her.
How do you get Drew to leave that hat on? Emmarie used to wear a hat with no problems, but it doesn't go so well now. Her skin is so fair that she often gets burnt even with sunscreen!

Jennifer said...

So adorable. He is such a big boy! I hear that your prize pack should be in soon! You better make sure to take some good pictures of all that stuff. The rest of us are living through you!

the scrappy chic said...

Hey girl! The pictures are too cute. I see nothing wrong with bunny ears for a boy-as long as they are blue!!!:) Can't wait to see pics of your prize pack. How exciting!!!

RACHEL =) said...

CUTE pictures Ali! He is sooo adorable! Can't wait to see the pages you create :)

Rookie Mama said...

Hey Ali- I am wondering what kind of camera you are using- those pictures are amazing.

When my 3yr old does something cute and I take her picture, the camera takes a few seconds to click and I end up missing the intended shot.

Love your blog.