Friday, May 18, 2007

*Edit* Okay blogger is really weird! It still won't let me post pictures on a new post, but I can go back and add them to the previous post. Strange.

Well I was going to post some new pictures of Drew but blogger is saying "nope, not today." I love new pictures, I can't wait to scrap them!! I taught Drew how to smile, or show your teeth as I say to him, and it's so cute. It looks a little fake but still totally adorable.

Be sure to check out Creating Keepsakes web site, ( I would be all high tech and have a link right here but for some reason blogger doesn't like Mac computers so I don't have that option. I don't even have spell check.... aaaakkkkk. ), Drum roll please...okay I'm going to stop right here because I'm being a super dork! Get to the point Allison! Now I've made this big deal out of something not too big. Sorry. Back to the subject. When CK's home page comes up you will see my page as a featured layout. I posted it in the gallery this morning and then my internet service crashed so I had no clue about it until Stacey called and asked me if I noticed it. I just thought it was pretty cool. I don't know how long it will be up so hurry, go look!!

I've got challenge ideas brewing in my head so look out!!! I can't wait to get a start on it, I really think it's going to be a cool thing! I've come to love challenges. They always make me stretch my creativity. Hope lots join in!!!


Becca said...

Congrats on everything--HOF, the page of the day, joining us at SIStv! : )

Soooo glad to have you with us!


Jennifer said...

Bring it sister! I'm all about the challenges!

Pookiepie76 said...

he is SUPER cute I so want to squish him all up (in a loving mama way) not a freeaky lady way...hahaha

sally hanna said...

hey ali
i've got wacky mac/blogger issue too
why can't they just be friends??
so if you wanna put in a link you
have to do it the old fashioned way
type this:
put the url in and the word text is the link

sally hanna said...

oh poo
it didn't quite work the way i wanted it to!!

let me find the page for you to go right back

sally hanna said...

here ya go:
link help

sorry for the multiple comments!