Thursday, July 19, 2007

I lied.

I said I wouldn't be posting again before we left.
This just couldn't wait. I had to tell you all about the fabulous surprise I got for my birthday.

Stop by Scrapbook Generation soon and take a peek at the newest issue (September) of Creating Keepsakes. This issue contains my first published layout. There's no need to flip through the won't find it. Why you ask?


It's official.
I'm a dork.
Sorry for the lame delivery!
I'm just giddy!

Talk about a wonderful birthday surprise! I had no idea it would be out this quickly. It was such a crazy moment for me to see it in print. Anyway, I just had to spill the news after having to keep my mouth shut for this long!

I'm finally packed and ready to go. I'm pretty sure I over-packed but I always do that. When Stacey and I went to Vegas, we had a suitcase for shoes only. Not a small suitcase. Those really big, I could fit in one, suitcase. Putting Drew to bed was tough. I'm not ready to be away from him for that long. It sucks that we are leaving so early and I won't get to see him in the morning before I leave. Maybe I'll be really really loud when I'm getting ready so he will wake up!

This time I promise this is my last post before I leave.
See ya.
I "lub" you.
FYI-that's how Drew's says bye. The "seben" is suppose to be seven. He started saying numbers after I love you because he thought we were saying "2" instead of too. I'm rambling.
Have a great week and weekend!!


Kelly S. said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!!!!
Enjoy Chicago!
and I,m sure your lil, boy will be fine, it will def be harder on you then him!

jess said...

Congratulations on the cover of the magazine!!! that is Awesome!!!
Xx jess

Leah said...

yay congratulations!! that's so great.

Kodi Logan said...

what a great birthday present! congrats! have a great time!

Anilu Magloire said...

Happy b-day and BIG congrats on your CK cover!!! Can't wait to see it!

StarrAltered said...

AWESOME! Congrats!!!
Happy Birthday too!

Jennifer said...

Have a fabulous time for me too!! I wish I could go.

Eminepala said...

Wooohooo congrats
And happy birtday


the scrappy chic said...

Ali, I was so excited when I got home and found this in my mailbox! Oh, and happy belated b-day too!