Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

We spent Halloween evening trick or treating in Hartville and Mansfield (our home towns). Since that is where most of our family lives we figure it's a good way to squeeze in some visits and for Drew to get plenty of treats.

Getting Drew in his costume was not a treat, pun intended. I don't know if he was embarassed or what but he hated it. When I bought it I figured he would love it. He is going through this big dinosaur phase. (and technically it's a dragon costume, but I thought it was close enough to a dinosaur.) Every corner in our house has a dinosaur hiding behind it, according to Drew. I believe he even had one in his belly button once. Obviously he doesn't yet grasp what a dinosaur is or their size. Okay, I'm getting off subject. I just knew he would love the costume when I brought it home so I was a little sad that he didn't like it. So much for mother knows best.

After a stop at the store so Karin and Stacey could see him as Drew-o-saurous, we were postive that trick or treating was not going to be fun for any of us. Much to our surprise we were wrong. We went to my Grandpa Arnall's first and once Drew saw all the other kids dressed up in costumes he decided that he loved his. He even managed to give out a few "roars" to people.

Drew ended up with more than enough candy. Since we were visiting family he didn't just get the one treat per customer type of service. Instead he got handfuls and then a few more managed to slip into his sticky fingers when nobody was looking. He even got coloring books, books, and a collection of disgusting insects and snakes. Thanks Mom. Now we have bugs laying around the house that look a little too real for me.

I can't believe that next year we will be trick or treating with two kids. Drew will be the big brother and show the new one the ropes of tricking. It's going to be great!


Holly said...

What a neat experience after all! Did you get the "ROAR" on videotape? He looks adorable!

Latrice said...

Drew is too cute in his costume. I'm glad it ended up fun. We had the same going on with my daughter. Talk to you soon.

Kodi Logan said...

Very cute costume. I totally cracked up when I saw the first picture. He might just kill you over this one some day! Too funny!!!!!!! He looks much more cooperative than Emmarie. There is no way she would have left that thing on her head. I'm glad he had so much fun. Sounds like you all had a great time too.

Liz said...

I thought for sure mine would give me a fight with their costumes but they loved them!!! As always, Drew is absolutely adorable. I love the cheeks! Did you and Mike dress up? I did but J was a pooper and just wore a black fleece.
Hope your feeling well!


Jennifer said...

I love the roar! That is just too freakin cute!

Cassie said...

That's so funny about the dinosaur/dragon costume. My son was a dinosaur and everyone said "What a cute Dragon costume"