Monday, January 14, 2008

I've got a Dr. appointment this morning and then I'm off to work or else I would post some new layouts. I scrapbooked all weekend and it was so nice to get caught up on some pages. I'll post them later tonight. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Holly said...

Any good news from the appt? Have you ever gotten sent home because the doc had to rush to delivery? That has happened to me twice now.

Allison Davis said...

I've had pretty good luck at appointments and there has been no rushing off yet! I'm sure it will happen sometime though.

The appointment yesterday went great! He said everything was as normal as could be and that I was the easiest patient of the day! Gotta love hearing that! I've officially hit the half way mark and somehow have managed to only gain 6 lbs! It's all in my belly which is a nice change from the usual straight to my butt weight gain! :) When he first said I had only gained 6 lbs I started to worry a little but he said I was right on track. I was thinking that I should have gained more.