Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Pitter Patter of...

little paws. Meet Chewy, the new addition to our family.

Did we need a new puppy? Not really. But after seeing how excited Drew was at the pet store, we couldn't resist. We have two other dogs but they won't play with Drew at all. He was so happy that a puppy would actually play with him. How could we say no to that! We thought about purchasing the dog (a chocolate lab) at the pet store until they told us that he was almost $1000.00. Yup, I said it. That much for a lab. Mike and I both laughed and said no thank you. Then the lady told us we could finance him. Seriously! Who finances a dog! We felt so bad about having to put him back in the kennel and decided that we were on a mission to find Drew a dog. That evening we finally tracked down a chocolate lab from an ad on the internet. One phone call, a short drive out of Springfield and a much cheaper price later we had a new puppy for Drew.

I've been such a bad blogger the last week or so. I've been a busy, busy girl! I will say that it's been a blast working on the things that I have and I can't wait for it all to be out. The wait is torture! Anyway, since I've haven't blogged in awhile I figured I would just post some short random wrap ups of what's been going on around here.

I've discovered my new favorite scrapbooking product, Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels. This stuff is so awesome. Three sprays and you've got chipboard coated with a subtle glittery color. I don't even know how many colors it comes in but I plan on adding all of them to my already large collection. The popularity of this stuff is definitely catching on at Scrapbook Generation. Mom has reordered it several times since it sells out so quickly.

The icy weather we had sucked. It took Mike about 45 minutes to get my vehicle door open so I could get the defrost going and then it took me about 2 hours to get the windows cleared so I could actually drive. I ended up with a nice gash on my finger from it all. Good times. Drew told me that we needed to wash all the ice off the trees because they were cold. He also said that after we got them washed off they would need blankets so they could stay warm. I love those silly little toddler things he says!

Taco Bell is stupid. I ordered my meal, asked for 10 packets of mild sauce (love that stuff) only to be told that they couldn't give me that much. Like I had asked for a box of them. Seriously, how much could one little packet cost them? Anyway, I got home and pulled out my food to find 9 packets of mild sauce. Nine is fine but you know 10 is just plain excessive.

I bought a lottery ticket on Friday morning just for fun. I never buy scratcher tickets but thought what the heck. I scratched it off and much to my surprise won $100.00. Great way to start the weekend!

Baby/Pregnancy News:
I've given up on getting a good nights sleep for now. I guess really I can forget it for the next year or so. It's impossible to find a comfortable way to sleep. Add in Mike's snoring and I'm waking up feeling like I haven't slept at all.

I finally had to break down and get maternity pants. Although they aren't the most attractive thing it's amazing how much more comfortable they are! Why can't they make those pants in style or at least cute. I feel like I'm back in the 90's with those things. I'll be glad to retire them.

The boy is kicking a lot! Sometimes really small and sometimes so much that you can see it. I still can't believe that he'll be here in three short months. We've got to start preparing! I did buy a few clothes the other day during operation cute maternity pant search. Drew wasn't happy when he saw them and declared that they were NOT for his baby brother.

Well, I'm off to bed to toss and turn. I wish I could say sleep but I already explained that. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


the scrappy chic said...

Hey girl! Sounds like you have been super busy! Hope you are getting lots done, and maybe you can find a way to get some rest. That puppy is just adorable! I bet Drew loves it!!!

Kodi Logan said...

Wow! You are one heck of a Mama. I don't think I could get a new puppy with a new baby on the matter how much Em pleaded. Do all of your dogs live indoors? It was good to hear from you again. Glad things are well.

Erica Hettwer said...

Feel your pain on the maternity pants. The first time I went into a maternity only store I felt like crying. Seriously, who wears that stuff??? I found the best stuff for me was at Old Navy and The Gap. Love The Gap's maternity pants. I actually have a pair that I wish were non-maternity. They are that cool!

Elizabeth said...

i totally agree with Erica re: the Gap maternity pants. Also, I got a super-cute modern, wide leg pair @ Motherhood Maternity...I wear them almost everyday. I am feeling your pain re: sleep, too. I'm 34 weeks along and my husband has sleep apnea. So, between the snoring, the CPAP machine he needs and the pregnancy discomfort, a good nights sleep is really hard to come by :D

Holly said...

I found a cute, flair leg pair at Motherhood about a month ago. Now I think I should check out the Gap. Are those mentioned above in the actual store or only online? I never noticed maternity there before, but I honestly probably overlooked it as I did that for most of my life until recently!

Adorable puppy! You are going to most definitely have your hands full in the months to come!!!!!

noel joy said...

oh your new baby is ADORABLE!!! what a face! i can see why you just had to leave him!

and a kicking baby! how fun!!! i can't wait to see pictures of your next new little one!!!

Christie (cme37 on CKMB) said...

When I was pregnant with my first ds, I won $500 on a scratcher ticket. I rarely buy them too. I was told being pregnant makes you extra lucky!
I can't wait to see what you have been working on.
And you are a very brave woman, to have a toddler, a puppy, and a new baby on the way.

Allison Davis said...

Thank goodness the puppy is a smart one. It took no time to get him house broken and he's pretty good about not chewing on things. (Don't let the name Chewy fool you! :)

Believe me if Old Navy and The Gap carried maternity clothes here I would be all over it! I know that I can get them online but I've just never really ventured into online shopping. The fear of making it a regular thing keeps me from it! I'm too afraid I would become addicted! :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

I am so glad to see you posting! Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time sleeping! Good Luck with finding some cute maternity. I was so big I even had a hard time finding maternity stuff that fit. now that is a blow to the ego! and chewy is so cute! Is that like short for chewbacca?

inara said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaw, what a sweet little face! I love labs, we have a black lab!