Monday, November 3, 2008

And the winner is...

now that wouldn't be any fun if I told you all right away!

We had an awesome Halloween. Friday night for the kiddos and then Saturday night for the adults.

Drew was a little bit of trouble when it came time to put his costume on. He picked it out all by himself and then spent the rest of the month asking me if he could wear it. Between those two factors I'm still baffled as to why he was scared of his costume. I mean terrified! We had to explain it over and over "Hey buddy, it's just clothes. You're the one who gets to scare people." He finally gave in and loved it, minus the mask.

He even threw out his meanest skeleton face later on that night.

My favorite part about Drew that night was when he got a bag of candy corn at my mom's house. All day he had been singing "I Don't Like Candy Corn" from Noggin. After he tried it he changed it to "I Like Candy Corn". When we tried to correct him he said, "No, I like candy corn so I'm gonna sing I like candy corn instead."

Jackson had no problem with his costume. Maybe because he didn't have a clue that he was dressed up as a big pumpkin.

While I was getting ready to go Mike was dressing Jackson in his costume. I walked out in the living room and instantly busted out in laughter. He was so cute and started grinning so big at my giggles. It was that "I don't know why you're laughing but I'm gonna go ahead and laugh with you, smile."

When I got home and starting going through my pictures I couldn't believe it when I got to this picture.

If you want to know what I looked like as a baby, this is it. The hair, the face, the chubby cheeks. Yup, he's my son alright! The coolest thing was that my grandpa and my uncle said that he looks exactly like my dad did at that age.

On Saturday night Mike and I went to a costume party with my sis and her husband. I have been to a costume party almost every Halloween until I met Mike. He couldn't believe that I would dress up in a costume past the age of 10. Are you kidding me! When else can I act like a complete fool! I finally talked him into a pretty tame costume that he ended up tossing after about an hour.

My costume ended up being, well I really don't know what I was. The initial idea was to be a witch but it ended up going in a completely different direction. I didn't like the witch hat so I traded it in for a black halo and a pair of black wings that I wore for about 10 seconds. I wish I had a good picture of Mike and I but he was out of the costume before I got a chance.

So instead I have a picture of me and my sis with party host Lt. Dangle. This had to be one of the funniest costumes of the night. You should have seen the shorts! Hilarious!

My scrapbook supplies came in pretty handy for my costume. I used rubons around my eye (that hurt like hell when it came time to take them off!). I also made a wand to go with my costume. After seeing one in a store I knew I could make one for a fraction of the price!

I hope everyone else had as good of a time as we did! :)

I loved reading all the comments about Halloween. I had to agree with pretty much all of them. Halloween is such a great holiday! I love seeing the big smiles on Drew's face when he gets all that candy. I love seeing both of them in their costumes! I love that Halloween = fall. I love candy! I love carving Jack-o-lanterns. I love that Mike takes the day off work and we all get to hang out together. I love watching all the scary movies, the cheesier the better!

On to the drawing (I'm sure you are all thinking man she rambles on! Yes. Yes I do.)

According to Heidi H. you are the winner...
anonymous said...
I love the page you made of Drew's first Halloween. I also am in love with the Little Yellow Bicycle line. I can't find it at my LSS yet. My favorite thing about Halloween is candy corn. Love that stuff!!!!!!
Heidi H.

Congrats Heidi! Just email me ( ) your address! :)

Oh yeah, don't forget to vote!! :)


Carla said...

Super cute pics! Love the wand you made!

Nikki (online name: scrapyak) said...

Allison- I love Jackson's hair!! I too had a full head of black hair. Your boys are just adorble.
TFS -Nikki

Holly said...

That skeleton costume makes Drew look TALL!!!