Monday, March 9, 2009

The First Cut

I can't say I was all that surprised to see Jackson born with a full head of hair. I, myself, am always remembered by the little old ladies in my hometown as the girl that was born with more hair than most two-year-olds have. My dad used to tell me that all the nurses at the hospital loved me because they could play with my hair and my mom told me that she had to cut my bangs when I was only a few months old. Jackson definitely got the hair gene from me!

I was hoping that we could resist the first haircut until after he was a year old but frankly, I was getting a little tired of hearing, "Oh, what a cute little girl!" The front was starting to get into his eyes and the back was taking on the shape of a mullet. It was time.

I, of course, instantly regretted it because he looked so different afterwards. I missed his long, shaggy hair...mullet and all! Bye, bye to the baby look.


AmyInKy said...

That is too funny about the mullet! I have a cousin who was born with a headful of hair. By 1 year, it was past her shoulders. She looked like she was wearing a wig!
Love your page, too. Your 2-pagers always inspire me. Since I started reading your blog, I've been going back and pulling out a lot of the events that I skipped over because the number of photos was overwhelming. I'm rockin' the double pagers now thanks to you!

Dawn said...

Hello, I haven't posted in awhile. Love all your new layouts. I loved Jackson's hair long also it is a tough choice. My daughter loves his new haircut.He looks like a little man now. Keep the inspiration coming I need it.

Anonymous said...

Love Jackson's new hair cut! He's one cute,adorable little boy! Love the layout you did on his first hair cut it looks great as ever!

Ashley L

Latrice said...

My daughter is three and has yet to get a haircut. Her hair growing at an extra slow rate.

Drew is looking like such a big boy!

I'm so excited to be having a boy this time around. It should be fun!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

so so cute! Isn't it a shame how they look so grown up after that first haircut?!