Monday, March 2, 2009

Greasy pizza and Guitar Hero do the trick.

On Saturday, my three favorite boys took me out to eat at Old Chicago where we enjoyed some greasy pizza, a clown and balloon animals. Drew wasn't a big fan of the clown and at one point crawled under the table and only peeked his head out to say, "I'm afraid of clowns." Me too, sweetie. Nothing scarier than a clown, (as Carrie Bradshaw said on an episode of Sex in the City.) Finally, Drew realized that in order to get a balloon animal he would have to face his fear and chat it up with the guy in funny shoes and a big blue wig. Drew seemed to like him a lot better after he worked his balloon magic and whipped up a four foot balloon hat. I spent the rest of the evening trying to keep that hat from hitting the woman in the booth behind us.

After that we headed over to Stacey and Jeremy's for a birthday party and of course, some Guitar Hero playin'. Stacey and I are determined to master Hot For Teacher and you would think after several Guitar Hero Saturdays, we would have done it by now. Maybe next time. As Stacey said, "It's our Everest."

On Sunday, I sat down on the living room floor time finish up what seems to be a never ending pile of work. Drew saw the scrapbooking stuff and immediately ran over.

Drew: "Whatcha doin' Mom?"

Me: "Scrapbooking"

Drew: "You mean making layouts?"

Me: "Yeah."

Drew: "You know, I like to make layouts too. Maybe I can make layouts too and we can share."

Of course he had to throw the sharing bit in there since we've been trying to teach him about sharing. How could I tell him no? The layout below is what I made. I'll show his creation later this week. He says that he's still not done with it.

These are my new favorite pictures of Jackson and my new favorite scrapbooking papers, Summer Soiree from Fancy Pants. Love the bright colors! It's worked out perfectly since everything I've been working on for Creating Keepsakes lately has been for the summer months. I've used these papers on several layouts.

It's nice to be back to blogging and I'll have lots to share from here on out! Not only will I be getting back to scrapbooking, and by scrapbooking I mean pages that I can actually show on here, but I'll also post my organization as I go along with the super huge task of re-doing my room. :)

Happy Monday! :)


Jennifer said...

I love Jacksons trimmed hair! So cute! I can't blieve how fast they grow.

Cheryl said...

Glad to see you back! Love your work and the hand stitched item on most every one of your pages1 Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

This layout is just AWESOME!

nichole said...

i would love to see how you organize your space!

thanks for sharing such a great layout. always great inspiration from you.

runrgirl said...

Glad to see you back! I've been watching your blog a few months now and really enjoy your scrapping style. Both your boys are cuties.

Anonymous said...

You're allowed a break once in a while! Love your work.