Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Davis Clan and the Pumpkin Patch

I would have to say that Jackson won the award for the most entertaining at the pumpkin patch this year. Last year Drew won, hands down, with his pumpkin patch pouty attitude. (He hadn't quite adjusted to life with a baby brother and was not shy to display it in tantrums. Lots of tantrums.) At least this year he was back to sweet Drew.

Jackson was so excited with everything because it was all so new to him. Most of my pictures are of his backside, he was always on the go. I'm quickly discovering that getting a picture of both the boys together is next to impossible. They both were going, going, going and usually going in different directions.

While Drew was making his way through the mini-maze, Jackson caught sight of the pony. He instantly wriggled out of my arms and chased, (and I mean chased), the pony. It was hilarious!

When it was time to pick out some pumpkins. Jackson took one look at a cute little orange one just his size, touched it just because he has to touch everything at least once, and then spent the rest of the time running up and down the little bumps throughout the patch.

He ended up doing a lot of this.

This year we only ended up picking out mini pumpkins because my mom has turned into "Farmer Debbie" and she ended up having four perfect pumpkins for us from her garden. I'm excited to do some carving tomorrow!


dawn said...

Hi Allison,

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the family. We grow our own pumpkins so no more pictures of a big pumpkin farm to visit. We still have fun in our own yard though. It's funny about Jackson that's what kind of pictures I have of my son Sam, he never wants to stay still. Thanks for blogging so much lately and I love reading your blog for Scrapbook Generations also. What are your boys going to be for Halloween? Have fun trick or treating.

Kim M said...

What adorable pictures!

Scrapbook Generation said...

I love the picture of Drew and I! Thanks so much! -- MOM

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely the cutest nephews! And like I said on Mom's Facebook page, I wish I could find a sweater like Jackson's in my size...it's adorable!