Saturday, October 3, 2009

Recipe Card #2

Allison's Creative Kitchen recipe card #2 is now available on my blog. (Look right)

I'm so glad that my boys are really starting to bond! Drew was less than thrilled when we brought baby Jackson home from the hospital. Just when we thought Drew was warming up to the idea of having a baby brother, probably when Jackson was about 9 months old, he said to us, "Can we take him back to the hospital?" It's been a rocky road but it pleases me to no end that just a few days ago Drew told me, "I think Jackson is going to be my best friend." I think so too.

For those of you that don't know what my recipe cards are all about here's a little information.

On the front
• Color photo of the layout.
On the back
• Basic supply list of products used,
• Basic directions to recreate the layout.
• Spice it Up! supply list.
• Spice it Up! directions.

Have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

I like your recipe cards Allison! :)... That is so sweet that Drew said that Jackson is going to be his best friend that's just so adorable! I hope they do become best friends as well! :)...

Ashley L.

Anonymous said...

These must be popular. I came in today and all of your recipe cards were sold out.

Linda from KS

Carol's Chatterbox said...

I'm experiencing the same thing with my boys. My 4 year old is so jealous it causes alot of unnecessary screaming and crying, mostly the boys...but sometimes mom too. I'm so looking forward to the friend stage. After 2 years I thought we'd be there. Hopefully soon.