Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Recap

Let's see...

We carved pumpkins. Drew was so happy that he had graduated from goo scooper to pattern poker. I still maintained the responsibility of carving queen. (Yes, I used scrapbooking adhesives to attach the pattern. I couldn't find the regular tape. Mike suggested running out to get some. I laughed and said, "Are you kidding me!?!")

Drew really did a great job and was so proud of his work. I was too!

After we tag teamed the first one I then made the mistake of telling Drew that he could pick out whatever pattern he wanted me to carve from the book. Of course he went straight to the super difficult section.

The next day we made ghost cookies for Drew's daycare friends. These were easy enough that Drew could make them all by himself. He mostly stuck to the eyes which were mini-chocolate chips. About every 10 seconds I heard, "Uh oh! This one melted. I better eat it."

When it came to costumes we knew long ago what Drew wanted to be. He scored a pair of Buzz Lightyear pajamas that he went crazy over. We took it as a sign that since he refused to take the pajamas off for three days that Buzz would be the costume of choice this year. 

Drew was a little disappointed that he had to wear tennis shoes instead of official Buzz Lightyear boots. He finally accepted them when I said they were magic shoes. I love that kids will believe pretty much anything we tell them.

Since one character of Toy Story was already covered...

Meet Woody. Well, the slightly shorter and chubby version anyway. So chubby, in fact, that the middle set of buttons on Jackson's costume refused to stay buttoned. It was hilarious.

First up on the trick or treating map, Scrapbook Generation.  

The men were, obviously, excited about that.

Then we were off to hit the town with Drew's best bud. Usually we would take the boys to our hometowns and visit family but Drew insisted that we go with his girl. I'm glad we did because they had a blast!

Jackson mostly enjoyed the trick or treating festivities from his stroller. This always-on-the-go little guy has turned his stroller into a leash with wheels. He refused to sit and enjoy the ride and instead walks as we push. (We get a lot of laughs from strangers.) 

To sum up a super long post, we had a great Halloween! (and hope you did too!)

P.S. The number one lesson I learned over the Halloween weekend...don't watch Ghost Hunters alone. 


dawn said...

Hi Allison,

Thank you so much for the update on your halloween. Your boys look so cute!! Toy Story is one of my favorite movies to watch with the kids. My son Sam was Buzz when he was 4 also. I miss those days, he will be 8 in a week. He has outgrown Buzz and likes Pokemon and Backaghan toys now which I don't like. We let Sam use a small knife this time to carve on his own and he did a great job. It's almost Thanksgiving time, can't you just smell the turkey!! Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

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AmyInKy said...

I love your little one in his tight fitting Woody outfit. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Allison - Thanks for sharing the photos, very cute. Also, what setting did you use on your camera to get the details on the haunted house pumpkin?

Linda from KS

Heather said...

Conner was Woody for Halloween. Great minds think alike! Your Buzz and Wood were so handsome!

Heather Priebe, Republic

April Gray said...

Thank you for this post Woody makes me smile!!