Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DVD Gallery Sneak Peek

Just a few little details on a couple of the layouts that will be in the gallery portion of the DVD. The big deadline for handing over all 75 of the layouts is March 1 so this week is madness. I'm floored that I have managed to do over 50 layouts in a matter of a few weeks. If that doesn't prove how our sketches will save you time, I don't know what will!

For those of you that don't know what the DVD includes...

• Nine instructional "classes" taught by me. Each chapter (there are three) has one sketch and then three variations using that sketch - a simple, an enhanced and an extreme variation to show you exactly how to get the most out of your sketches, products and techniques. The best part of each class chapter is that you can easily follow along at home using papers you already have. Before each class starts, you will be shown the sketch and the coordinating key so you will know exactly what papers you need to complete the layout at home.

• 25 NEW printable sketches. You'll be able to view them on your screen, as well as print out them out to take with you anywhere you go.

• A full-color, high-definition layout gallery with 75 layouts. All of the layouts will be based off of the printable sketches also included on the DVD.

The DVD will sell for $24.99 but for our first release we are doing a special offer of $19.99. Not too bad for an idea book, sketch book, and nine classes! Now is a great time to jump on over our website to pre-order. (As soon as the DVD is in our hands the special offer is over.) All you will need to provide is your name and phone number for now. When the DVD's are ready, we will call for your billing information.

We will continue the sneak peeks over the next few weeks and will even have a clip from one of the instructional chapters for you to watch. :)


dawn said...

Hi Allison,

Thanks for the sneek peek, it looks good already. I love the fireworks peek, can't wait to see more. You have been a busy lady these past couple months. I think a much needed and deserved vacation this spring is what you need. Take care and looking forward to March 8 for sketch week.

Christina said...

Wow, Ali you are awesome!!! I love the sneak peek and am so excited to receive the DVD. Great job on such a huge accomplishment!!!


Amy from KC said...

Oh holy moly Allison!!! Those little teaser pics are so tantalizing. I pre-ordered my DVD waaaaay back in the fall when the news first broke, and have been super excited ever since. Those stitched fireworks are incredible, but the picture I'm most interested in is that tiny little one of the halloween layout. There are so many cute little things hinted at in that pic that I can't wait to see the entire LO. It's so unusual to see one of your layouts layer that many embellishments together that I am intrigued. I think the DVD is going to be incredible!

And by the way...your mom hinted in the store blog that you're talking to some outside folks and might have exciting news that will "blow the top" off of everything. You'll let us know ASAP, right? :)

Penny Peck said...

Wow - can't wait. My birthday is March 2 - would LOVE to pick up the DVD and celbrate!! (no pressure!!!!)

Allison said...

Girl, you're a rock star!! I was all excited to do 30 layouts last month! Excited for the DVD. Hope you're getting some sleep. :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful preview...going to pre-order now, Thanks
Jody, IA

Anonymous said...

I am so anxious to get the DVD. I ordered one for my daughter, too.

Jen**SugaredSongbird** said...

Gonna go put my name in right now!