Monday, August 15, 2011

blowing kisses

I know that not everyone is a fan of their kids growing up and really I have nothing new to add to the parent "when is time going to slow down" mix. It's the same old song and dance.

Time goes by way too fast.

I'm starting to notice some of my favorite things about Jackson slipping away as he gets older.

His cheeks.
His chubby little legs.
His cute pronunciation of words.

I'm not ready for him to stop saying "Smursh" instead of Smurfs. What will I do when he no longer needs me to rub his cheeks when he's sleepy? How will a day ever be as complete without a little squeeze of those chubby little creases and rolls in his legs?

The one thing he does that I refuse to say good-bye to is blowing kisses. Jackson, just like everything else he does, puts his own spin on the art of a good blown kiss. He doesn't do the usual smack lip with hand, big pucker "mwah", and blow while hand shoots away from the face routine.  He does a quick kiss on his hand and like there is a hinge attached to his thumb and cheek, turns his hand outward to blow. Like this...

It has become the norm of how we blow kisses in this house.

I'm sure as time goes by he'll stop doing this and when I drop him off at his first school dance and blow him a kiss "a la Jackson", he'll be soooo embarassed. And as fast as time seems to be going, it will basically be tomorrow when that happens.

I don't care.

Just like I still call Cheetos, "paCheetos" and a ghost, a "ghoost" from Drew, this is one baby-ism of Jackson's that I am setting my foot down. Time can move as fast as it wants but Jackson's way of blowing kisses, it is here to stay.


dawn said...

awww how sweet this is. You just made me smile and chuckle. I too miss seeing seeing your boys little. The beautiful hair on Jackson's head and chubby cheeks and Drews red curls made my day when you shared pictures with us.

I have to say you have to heartbreakers on your hands already. So hold them close as long you can. This is seriously cute of Jackson and hope he will blow kisses for a looong time.

Scrapthat said...

Sweet...and he IS growing way to fast! Seems like just yesterday he was a babe...and now look at him!

Lynette said...

Such a sweet heart felt post...thank you for sharing it with us.