Monday, May 28, 2012

home with Jackson


This year for Mother's Day I gave myself a gift. I made the decision to pull Jackson out of daycare and spend as much time with him as I could before he goes to Kindergarten (he'll go not this fall but the next.)

The decision to do this started when I would randomly let Jackson stay at home with me instead of going to daycare. It was just a day or two, here and there. He loved it. I loved it. It was wonderful and we both dreaded the next day when he would have to go back. It would break my heart when I had to take him the next day and he would cry.

I made a comment to Mike that I wished I could keep Jackson at home with me. Jackson is such an easy child to take care off. He's is sweet, happy, appreciative of every little thing, he's very self reliant, rarely throws fits...just all around easy. (If I had a guarantee that they all would turn out like Jackson, I would have 20 more kids!) I could see myself being able to work with ease while having him at home with me.

Mike stated the fact that I really didn't have much time before Jackson was in Kindergarten and having him at home with me would no longer be an option. I then realized that Jackson didn't get to spend the time at home with me like Drew did. Drew and I have such a wonderful closeness and I really feel like a big part of that is due to spending the time we did together when he was little.

It made me so sad to realize I hadn't yet taken that time with Jackson. I felt like I had taken the easy route because I had gotten into such a routine with work. I felt bad because I've got this wonderful freedom with my job and I wasn't taking advantage of it the way that I should have been.

All too often I say that I can't believe how quickly the boys are growing up or how fast the time seems to fly by. I say it but I often forget to savor the moments I'm currently in and surrounded by. I spend my time going, going, going and forgetting to just stop and enjoy things as they are. Jackson is at such a fun age and I feel like we have such an amazing and special bond. I want to enjoy that as much as possible right now.

As someone I know said, "There might be times that are tough or frustrating but believe me, when they are 15 or 20 you will never regret having spent extra time with them when they were little." I couldn't agree more. I'm looking forward to reclaiming my stay at home/work at home mom status!


Scrapthat said...

That's so sweet! Enjoy and savor every single moment Allison! :D

Michelle said...

I have until the end of August with my little boy and have to send him off to school. I am dreading it. He is a good boy, like your Jackson. Never throws a fit, very self reliant. He is just very loud and has a very vivid imagination. I hope school does change all the things I love about him. Seems they are all about that now adays. Yes, spend the time with him. Our years with him go by so fast. You are going to blink and he will be graduating from high school. It does go that fast! I have a 24yr old, a 14 yr old and then my 5 yr old. I am just trying to figure out where these last 5 yrs went. Teen years are hard too. So, enjoy the younger years.

Michelle said...

I meant to say I hope school does NOT change him. At preschool, he was quiet and kind of shy. His teacher didn't like it, telling me I needed to change that. I have listened to my 14 yr old's teachers say the same thing about her. I am not going to make my kids change to conform to them. They are who they are. They are well-behaved, respectful kids. That is what counts.

snapdragon said...

I think you made a good decision- wish I could have done that with my daughter.
All the best to you and your cute kiddos!

Lynette said...

That must be the best Mothers Day gift ever. Enjoy him, time goes by far to quickly.

dawn said...

Good for you doing this Allison, you won't regret having this special time with Jackson. Who wouldn't want to see that face all day and get some cuddles. The time does go so fast and you can't get that little boy back so enjoy every minute right now.

I always felt this way when mine went to Kindergarten, this was such a fun age and I kept thinking why do I have to send them to school now when they are at the best age.

For some reason blogger gave me a hard time leaving this comment and still won't let me on SS. Will try again though. Very sad about the news on SS but know you have to do what makes you happy. I for one am a big fan of it as you know and you have helped a lot of people start or restart their scrapping because of your inspiring sketches!!
p.s. love the picture of you and your boys!

Jennifer said...

Its a lovely gift for both of you!

IlianaM said...

That was one of the many, many reasons why my family chose to homeschool.

Pokey Puppy said...

I fully commend you for this and know the countless rewards will far outweigh any sacrifices. My husband and I raised three beautiful children and I was able to stay at home with them. I would turn the clock back and do it all again in a minute! I am very happy to see my daughters doing the same with their precious children.

Elisabeth said...

I am so happy for you that you can combine work and kids. That is truly a blessing. I am very fortunate to stay home for 12 months before I have to get back to work. Enjoy the time and you wont regret it!

stephanie said...

I am a SAHM and I understand exactly how you feel! My younger one is 4 and I savor every day that I get to keep him home with me! <3