Monday, June 11, 2012


Today Drew is seven. It just doesn't seem possible! Seven! He is starting to look so grown up and I can't believe how quickly the last seven years have flown by!

This morning I asked Drew "What are seven things you like about being seven?"

1. That I'm bigger than my brother.

2. I'm older than my brother.

3. Being seven is hard because Jackson is being a pest.

(If you can't tell Drew and Jackson are having a hard time getting along this morning!)

4. That I have a 3DS and Mario Kart 7.

5. That I have toys from my birthday party.

6. I like being older and I get to stay up later.

7. That I'm not six anymore. Even though six was my favorite.

A very big Happy Birthday to our smart, sweet, and amazing Drew!


dawn said...

WOW, he is growing up so fast. He is one smart, sweet and amazing kid!! Love his 7 fave things, poor Jackson,lol

Hope you and the boys are enjoying summer vacation. HUGS!!

dawn said...

I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!!

Allison Davis said...

Thank you Dawn! We are enjoying it!