Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Speaking of family...

We have a new addition of the furry kind.

Izzy. A cute, shy, and totally sassy cat.
She is also known as Izzy the Ninja Kitty and Izzy Soft Paws.

Supplies - Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned paper: My Mind's Eye; Foam alphabets: American Crafts; Brads and word stickers: My Mind's Eye

I've never been much of a cat person but that didn't stop Mike from bringing home a teeny, tiny little gray cat. It didn't take long for her cuteness to win me over. Then I really started to like her when we got to see her personality come out. She is down right bad ass, if you can call a cat that. She is a little savage!

My favorite is when she "hunts" Jackson. She'll sneak and follow him from bedroom to kitchen hiding behind bookcases, the couch, or a chair with the stealth of a seasoned pro. If Jackson walks past the dinning room table you'll see a lone paw reach out from the back of the chair to tag him. Then as Jackson makes his way into the hallway back towards his room she leaps and pounces over the couch with such speed that you would think she was a cheetah. When she reaches Jackson she simply stops, meows, and then runs off with the thunderous roar of a pride of lions.

As for Drew, she's not really too fond of him. He likes to chase her and pick her up and kiss her. She's just not really into those things so when she sees him she pretty much runs away.

She's really a great cat. Underneath that fierce personality is a sweet, loveable little kitty. We are very happy to have her join our family.


Scrapthat said...

LOL Very cute Ali!
Are you saying that Jackson is easy prey? LOL
What does Jackson do while he is getting tagged?
How sweet!

Allison Davis said...

I think she like to hunt him because he runs everywhere he goes, even in the house. A lot of times he doesn't even know that she's following him! It's pretty funny to watch! lol!

Laurel Geisbush said...

adorable little kitty! what a fun addition and the boys will love her so. It's great to see you do a one page layout!

Katrina Hunt said... scrapped the PET!!!!!! hee hee, so cute and a little different than you usually do!!! Hugs, Katrina

Allison Davis said...

Thank you Laurel! :)

LOL! Katrina, your comment cracked me up! :)

janet said...

I wondered when a pet was going to grace your home. I thought for sure it would be a puppy. Looks like Izzy has found a way into your heart already.
So cute-thanks for sharing!

Allison Davis said...

We have three puppies! lol! Well, technically you probably can't call them puppies anymore. We have become the house of animals! :)