Monday, February 11, 2013

The first flower

I'm pretty sure we bypassed Winter and went straight to Spring. Part of me loves that. The I-really-dislike-cold,-windy,-snowy,-freezy,-sleeting,-icy-weather part of me.  The other part is thinking that it's impossible to deny climate change/global warming, which is something I don't love.

On one of the many warm days recently, Jackson took advantage and spent most of the day outside. I was shocked when he ran inside to hand me a flower. Isn't it too early for those? Of course, I won't complain about the gesture. This is one of my favorite traditions that both boys did. (Drew has grown out of it.) Every single time, and I really mean every single time, Jackson is outside he brings me a flower. It's so sweet and always makes me smile! In that sense, I'm glad we are starting that tradition earlier than usual.

On another note, did you know that Sketch Fusion goes on pre-order today!?

To pre-order visit the Scrapbook Generation online store. The book should be ready to ship later this month!


Michelle said...

Cute photo!!! Spring is definitely not here... windy, sleeting/freezing rain (this past weekend) and snow. Now, it is just cold and windy! I think I have shoveled almost every day this past week. Temps are supposed to dip below zero again by the end of the week. Blech!

Allison Davis said...

I feel for you Michelle!! I can stand that kind of weather long enough to build a snowman and maybe go sledding but that's it! lol! Try to stay warm! :)

Anonymous said...

This made me think of the layout you did with Drew's little sweaty handful of flowers. Those boys are just too sweet. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your posts about Jackson's sweetness. My youngest is 16 now and has always had the kind of personality you describe in Jackson. Reading your posts take me back to when my son was that age. At 16 he is still the sweetest, most thoughtful son I could ever imagine.