Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jackson: Soccer Superstar

I think I should probably clarify that title. I don't know if Jackson would really be classified as a soccer superstar by the common observer. I, however, being his mom, think he's a superstar at everything, including soccer.

While being a professional soccer player may not be in his future he is great at jumping in mud puddles.

No matter how much he tried (who am I kidding, he didn't try) he could not resist the puddle.

Last night he carried a flower with him for half the game that he had picked for me in the center of the field. We finally got him to bring it over to me so he could concentrate on the game. The attention on the ball was short lived when he discovered another flower. It was hilarious and incredibly sweet that he just had to pick me those flowers. 

We've also learned that you can't yell "Go Jackson!" or "Kick the ball Jackson!" because he will stop what he is doing and look at you. Seriously. Mid-kick he will stop and look at you like "What!?!"

While most of the season has been comical he has had some good kicks and is really making an effort. He might be easily distracted but he is getting better and better each game.

I'll be sad to see the season end. Each game is always filled with laughter and fun! The good thing is that a few of the other players on his team have bigger brothers who all play baseball together with Drew. The older brothers have been cheering on their little siblings for a few months and starting next week the little ones will get to cheer on their older brothers at the baseball games. I'm looking forward to it!


wteagon said...

That's very sweet and thoughtful of him! So glad you have had fun during the season and have found joy in watching him.

crimsoncat05 said...

very sweet of him!! is he liking the rock-star shades?? they look great on him!

Allison Davis said...

He is liking the glasses more and more. I think he's realized just how much he needs them and doesn't complain or fight wearing them. It's a big relief because I was afraid he was really going to reject them. :)

Anonymous said...

Him continually finding and bringing you flowers last night mid-game was one of the funniest/sweetest things I have ever seen. He is absolutely one of a kind. Love him!