Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank you Grandma Debbie!

We had to say goodbye to our old swing set. It was beginning to look like it was going to crumble and tumble to the ground with one swift blow of the wind. I just knew that at any moment the boys were going to try to swing and it was going to collapse. We got that set just a few days after Jackson was born so it lasted a good five years. The boys were pretty sad to see it go.

Well, they were sad until Grandma surprised them with this monster of a swing set. Play house on top, play house on bottom, window with a bench seat, big twisty tube slide, swings and trapeze = two ecstatic little boys.

While we were very grateful for the swing set I think Mike was frustrated that we didn't make some sort of you buy it, you build it policy in this agreement. Let's just say that Mike and Jeremy were not happy with their mother-in-law during the construction. There might have been a few "________ (insert your favorite curse word) Debbie!"

I didn't take any pictures of the men building the swing set for fear of one of them killing me with a death stare. It took two whole days to build this thing. One day in the rain and the second day in extreme heat and humidity. I wasn't going to test their patience with pictures. So, instead, I took a picture of cute little Jackson "helping" build the "tree house" (as he calls it).

The boys have spent whatever time we have at home playing on this swing set. They've gone down the slide on rafts from the pool and served ice cream soup from their new restaurant. There are even talks of bringing the hose over to do some water sliding. Needless to say, this has been a spectacular summer for them with the majority of it spent outside!

Thank you Grandma Debbie for the swing set (and the quiet house!)


Scrapthat said...

I kinda figured Grandma Debbie was one of those most awesome Grandmothers!! You can see it in the pics of her with the kiddos!

stace said...

That is awesome! Building it was the first thing I thought of though. My friends have had a bear of a time when it comes to building them.

So many happy memories, photos and layouts to come!

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why Jackson only charged Jeremy $5 for his ice-cream soup, and charged me $100. Maybe he was giving Jeremy a "thank you for building my tree house" discount. ;)

Allison Davis said...

Scrapthat, she sure is!

stace, I felt terrible for the men. They were soaked head to toe in sweat!

Stacey, that was hilarious!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thrilled that the boys love the swing set! Thank you for the nice story!


Linda said...

Are the guys speaking to your mom?

Allison Davis said...

Mom, Jackson spends soooooo much time in it! He loves it!

Linda, before their sweat could dry they were smiling at how excited the boys were to play! Jeremy even enjoyed a bowl of ice cream soup from Jackson. It was impossible to be grumpy after seeing how much the boys loved that swing set. :)

Lynette said...

That is awesome and I am sure the pleasure the boys will get out of this will more than make up for the hard work.

wteagon said...

That's a cool place to play! My boys would be so jealous. You're very blessed to have a mom like Debbie! :)