Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trampoline Witches

Drew and Jackson have always loved taking pictures on the trampoline. They jump and I take pictures and then they giggle at the outcome, them frozen in the air in numerous poses. They stick their legs out, they make faces, they morph into ninjas, it's endless entertainment for them.

The other day they decided to take this trampoline picture taking thing to whole new level, Halloween style.

Hello witches on broom sticks! Who knew that a broom could provide such funny pictures and provide so much laughter? Each time I would take a picture they would yell, "Let me see it!" They were laughing so hard after seeing the pictures that they couldn't jump anymore.

Now that we've done this I'm afraid that the regular trampoline photos won't be as fun. We're going to have to amp it up and come up with more creative ways to take jumping pictures now!


Susan said...

Could be witches but when I first saw these I thought of Harry Potter playing Quiditch!!

stace said...

That is super cute!!!!

Allison Davis said...

Susan, I totally forgot about Harry Potter!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THESE! I really would like a picture of me doing this, but I'm afraid that would result in injury.

You need to come up with something Christmas-y that they could jump and they're riding reindeer or something...for your Christmas cards this year!

janet said...

TOO cute! Stacey, I would PAY to see you do this. LOL.

I picture the boys on one of those horse- sticks decked out with a hat and bandana.....Riding off into the wind...yee haw!

dawn said...

Thanks for the big smile this morning Allison!! Love seeing your boys and the fun times. They are getting soooo TALL!!

Funny seeing Drew in clothes and Jackson in shorts only, two different boys for sure.

Love Stacey's idea for the Christmas picture.

Mendi said...

These turned out awesome! They really look like they're flying! Love all the clever ideas everyone has to turn this into a Christmas card idea. :)