Sunday, June 25, 2006

I love my job!!

I 100% love my job! I work at Scrapbook Generation in Springfield MO, which is owned by my mom. When we first opened I had the pleasure of doing all the work nobody really wanted to do. (cutting die cuts, rearranging, etc.) At our 1 year anniversary of being open, Mom decided that each of us that worked at the store had to enter the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest. What!!! Did I hear her right! At that point I had managed to make about 2 pages in my whole life.
Quickly I found that I was kind of excited about designing some pages. I had an adorable little baby boy to make pages of and I always loved all the product that was being sold in our store. I managed to barely make the deadline and was really proud of my pages (even though I didn't get picked as a Hall of Famer). It was at that point that I was completely hooked on scrapbooking. I can't believe how addictive this hobby is!
I asked mom if I could display a few of my pages in the store and she said okay. I was shocked at the feedback I got on my page displays. I couldn't believe that so many people liked my pages. I figured based on my husband's bland "yeah honey that is good" reply that my pages were nothing to get excited about. I guess I was wrong.
Fast forward a few months and I am now a designer and teacher at Scrapbook Generation. I can't believe that I am so lucky to get paid to scrapbook! I'm now scrapbooking like a mad woman and constantly trying to get published. I entered the page contest at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in KC and ended up winning first place so maybe getting published isn't too far away.

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Linda from Kansas said...

I live outside of Kansas City. My daughter moved to Harrison, AR so on my trips to her home I stop by the shop. I love your pages. I talked to your mom the last time I was in the store and she said you were entering pages for CK - I will watch for you because your pages are of that quality. My two favorites in the store - the one you won the contest for and the one of what you were missing - beautiful!! Linda from Kansas