Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dog's Best Friend

I love being a mom and all the fun and entertaining things that come along with the job. Drew was eating his lunch and I was picking up the living room when I kept hearing him giggle. When I looked up to see Drew feeding Abbey I had to grab my camera. That pictures aren't the greatest quality but they are hilarious and show Drew's silly personality very well. Now everytime Drew eats in his highchair Abbey gets as close as she can just in hopes of another feeding.


Brin said...

Your son is just too cute! Thanks for looking at my blog- I felt like such a geek commenting on Elsie's blog but I just couldn't go on blog-stalking. Haha.

You're a teacher at a scrapbooking store too then? (I think I read your info right)... that's really neat. I love talking to other teachers because sometimes I get soooo overwhelmed with everything I have to do.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog- I'll have to blog-stalk you now too. Hee hee :)


Wilted Rose said...

You guys are too funny. It does feel kind of voyeouristic (no time to look that one up for spelling, sorry!) doesn't it? I am looking forward to taking some classes at SG - we moved here from Iowa and Wisconsin (long story) about two years ago and my scrapbooking horde has just sat in boxes waiting until I had the time to sit down and organize it, fondle it, and generally dream what I could do with it. In the meantime, the pictures are just STACKING up because after we moved - we had a little boy - lots and lots and lots of pictures!! Can't wait to create something special with them!!

Cute pictures of the dog - talk about a best buddy!

Debbie said...

Love to see pics of Drew! He's a cutie, but perhaps I'm prejudiced!