Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is the page for my class Born Free (stitching without a template) at the retreat in Branson. I'm a little nervous about teaching this one just because of the doodling. How do you teach people to doodle!!! I'm sure it will go over just fine...I'm just a little worried! I still want to make a few changes to the title ( I'm not to fond of the stripes behind the title ) I thought I would like it and went ahead and glued it down and now I can't decide if I like it or not. I think I do not! That's what I get for trying to be so speedy! I also wanted the picture to be in sepia tone but when I printed out my copy it was too orange looking, so I still have to do that too. Maybe I shouldn't have posted the page on here yet...I just wanted to give a general idea to what it would look like.


Candy said...


I love the doodling and then stitching it. I've not tried the stitching on a layout yet, but each time I see yours, I'm inpsired to give it a try! I always look forward to seeing your new pages at the store!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alison!
I love this lo!!! I think it looks awesome, and your stitching is just amazing. You are so much more patient than I am. I try to do that, and it never turns out perfect like yours. I love, love, love this page!!! Maybe I'll try stitching again????

Allison said...

You should try it again!! I'm in a crazy stitching phase. For some reason I think I need to use it on every page.
Thank you guys so much for looking at my blog and saying such wonderful things!