Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Page

I get about a week of rest and then it's work, work, work, again. I've got to get my Nov. class projects done and then start thinking about Dec. and Jan. classes. It's never ending!!! That's okay though cause I love it and makes me get some things done that I might have put off any other time.

I can hear Drew screaming so it must be time for me to go!!


Allison said...

wow- this seems so odd that i found your blog in such a random way. i live in springfield too, and was actually in scrapbook generation yesterday. what a small internet world!

and my name's allison too-crazy!

Allison said...

How funny is that!! It is such a small world! I think I may have been in the store when you were. I am pretty sure I heard someone say their name was Allison.