Monday, January 8, 2007

Random stuff

Well it's name is now on Fancy Pants Designs' website. No layouts on there just yet, but hopefully soon. Jodi had asked to use a couple of my layouts in their gallery so I'm anxious to see them. Be sure to check it out .

I had my Wintery Card class today and it went great. It was an almost full one with only two spots open. I even had to do a few kits for people who couldn't make it. I've got three regulars, two that have signed up for almost all of my classes and one that has signed up for ALL of my classes! They are really great women and I enjoy having them in my classes. We usually have some fun and interesting things to talk about.

If there are any of my classes that you are interested in but can't make it on the scheduled day let us know. I've had a lot of people tell me that they love the class but live far away or have a busy work schedule and would love to have a kit. I've been making so many and don't mind at all to do them so keep in mind that it's an option. In the kits I include a picture of the project and step by step directions of how to assemble the project.

I've started working on my Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame entries and I'm afraid I didn't leave myself enough time to get them done. I'm sure that I'll get them done but it is going to be a lot of late nights in my scrapbook room! The one I'm working on now has taken me three days and I'm not even done with it yet. I want them to be perfect, if that's possible, so I'm really taking my time with them.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the Springfield News Leader on Tuesday and read about us!! That's so great that they picked us. I can't wait to read the article!

Saturday was a super busy day at Scrapbook Generation! I stopped in to pick up a few things and Karin and Stacey hardly had time to look up and say hi. They signed a lot of people up for the page and card kit clubs. They really seem to be a big hit!

Time to get back to work!!

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the scrappy chic said...

Hey Ali! I really enjoyed Friday night too! I needed it. I agree, it was nice to chat with someone who understands what it's like. I would love a dt crop. Also, let me know when you want to do another crop at the store. I would definitely be in. I don't usually enjoy myself as much as I did on Friday!!! Have a great day! Amy