Friday, April 13, 2007

My latest. The top, I'm not too crazy about. It was for a page call and I had about one day to get something done and sent in. I love the picture of Drew with markings all over his face and it was a fun layout to create. I actually colored on the chipboard title with crayons to fit the theme of the layout. I got to a point with it that I thought it needed more and ended up going overboard. Defiantly not one of my favorites.
Oh well. Happens to the best of us!
The second page I love! I had started working on it months ago but set it aside so I could get caught up on my class stuff and finish my HOF entries. I've been trying to make myself get some older photos on a layout before I forget what I wanted to journal about. I did short and sweet journaling and then listed everyone that visited Drew at the hospital when he was born. I love the photos of everyone holding him, especially the biggest photo. Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of my dad and Drew.
Okay, changing the subject.
I got my first assignment!!! This will be my first published page!! I'm so excited!
And terrified!
And excited!
And terrified!
Okay, I'm mostly excited. I just don't want people to look at my pages and say "How in the hell did she get picked for HOF!" I'm trying to look at it as I will be making pages that I love and if everyone else loves them too, fabulous. If not, it doesn't matter to me (total does matter to me a little, I'm sensitive!) Drew will have a ton of albums to admire when he grows up.


Anonymous said...

Ali, some people will love your work (those with taste), some people will hate it (those that are idiots!). Personally, I think you have a great sense of style and I love your work. CK is lucky to have you as a Hall of Famer.

Amy Egger

Allison said...

Thank you so much Amy...that's so sweet of you to say!!!

the scrappy chic said...

Hi Allison! I think your Artist page is adorable! I saw it in the store yesterday too. I really like it. Hope you're doing good and having fun with your HOF stuff:) See ya soon!