Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Drew!! (Yesterday was the party but today is his actual birthday.)

I can't believe that it's been two years! The picture is from the day we left the hospital and I can't believe how quickly those two years have gone by! I remember that day like is was just yesterday.

The party was fun minus the few tantrums. You could definitely tell he's two. I ended up making two cakes. I had two different designs in my head and couldn't decide. I made the first one, loved it, and decided the other one could just be for eating.

I'll post some pictures later!

My Father's Day Mini-Album class is full and my layout class is getting close. I'll try to post a picture of it soon!

Have a great day!!


Linda said...

Hey thanks Ali for the compliment on Two Peas. I decided to check out your blog, glad I did, I'm gonna go check out your art now on two peas. Beautiful what I see already.

Linda said... bad...meant to say...what wonderful news and congrats on the Hall of Famer. That rocks.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!! I know you liked my presents the best...and you're welcome!

Awesome party Ali, as usual! You are so good at all that stuff. Drew is a lucky little boy!

Norma Kennedy said...

Gorgeous Picture and Happy Birthday to your little one !

Norma (localocairis)

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday!

What an awesome picture!

Jennifer said...

Time flies! He'll be 16 and driving before you know it! Happy Birthday Drew-miester!

the scrappy chic said...

I hope Drew had a happy, happy birthday! That is the sweetest picture!!!