Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Hall of Fame Product Challenge time at Creating Keepsakes. We've decided to feature two different manufacturers each month due to the large amount of companies that contributed to the prize package. This month were two of my favorites! Doodlebug and DaisyD's!

This first page is my Doodlebug page. I love those paper frills! They come in about every color possible with tons of different designs. I'm now offically addicted to them! This is actually my first ever 8 1/2 x 11 page. I've wanted to try it out but just never thought about it when it came time to make a page. It was fun and a challenge for me. I look forward to doing many more!

This one is my DaisyD's page! I am so in love with DaisyD's!! Anytime we get anything DaisyD's in at Scrapbook Generation, I buy it all. I really love the colors of these patterned papers, they could fit with any occasion. Their rubons are awesome! I especially love the large ones. (like the one I used for my title.) They are some of the easiest to rub off rubons that I have ever used.

With Mike working long hours he gets to see Drew for about an hour a day. Except for those rare days when he gets home early. I hate it. What I see through the week is Drew missing his Daddy. There are times that he will ask, "Where Daddy", and I have to break it to him that Daddy is at work. I sometimes worry that is will affect their father/son bond. That they won't know each other very well. But it doesn't. What I see on the weekends is a race to make up for the lost time during the week. They play, laugh, and have little inside jokes that I'm not allowed to participate in. What I see is a father and son that love each other and really value the time that spend together.

Anyway, go check out all of the other Hall of Fame pages and then dig through your stash and play along!! If you don't have either Doodlebug or DaisyD's, we have a ton at Scrapbook Generation.

I wish I had time to say more, but I've been so busy this week. Lots to do!!
Hope you have a great weekend!


Kodi Logan said...

Awesome always!

jen said...

I love the Doodlebug frills! Need to get them out and play with them some more :o)

GREAT layouts!

Eminepala said...

yeah, I agree AWESOME pages Ali ;)


Jennifer said...

Fabulous as always! I love the Daisy D's one.

Aleida Franklin said...

May I say again how "fab" your work is? Can I get a "hell yeah!" :) Thanks for the banner tips--someday I'll get there.

april said...

love your pages as always!

Holly said...

Hey Allison! I really like the Daisy D's one too! Do you guys have the felt letters that you used on a previous page?

the scrappy chic said...

Hey Ali! I love your Daisy D's page!!! See you tonight!

Allison said...

Hi Holly!
No we don't have those letters but I am begging Mom to get them. I told her they are just too cool to pass up. She said she's on it. I don't know what time frame that means but hopefully soon. :)

Ashley said...

Cute layouts. I love the stitching on that first one! So cute!