Friday, July 13, 2007

Well I told you that we, the Scrapbook Generation design team girls, had been cooking up some fun stuff.
So here it is.
This is what we will be serving!
Hope to see you there!


Kodi Logan said...

Hmmm...I know I left a comment at like 7:00 this morning...not sure where it went. Anyway, glad the suspense is finally over. I'm game!

Kodi Logan said...

hey, how do you get that number on your blog that counts the visitors?

Allison Davis said...

Uh oh...MIA comment!!
I just did a google search for free counters for a website. There were a lot to choose from.
Hope that helps!!

Kodi Logan said...

i left a comment on my page and then thought that was probably don't check my conmments. yes, you can put a link to my blog on yours! i'm all about making life easier and i would feel honored as well! :) :) :) oh and hey, i read an article that came with my SDC map when i got home yesterday and it sounds like Curious George may not be there all summer b/c they mentioned Hello Kitty and some other Jay Jay plane dude I didn't know.