Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another random picture! Drew and Sally. She's such a good dog. Not once while Drew was banging her head did she ever get cross with him. She's such a sweetie.

So I've been tagged twice this time!! So I'm going to post 20 random things about myself instead of 10. Yes, I'm weird and like making lists. I think it makes me feel organized when I am anything but that! Also, I love going back and using my blog for journaling.

Here it goes!!

1. I got stuck in an escalator in a major department store. It was Stacey's fault. To make a long story head ended up stuck between a piece of glass and the wall on the OUTSIDE edge of the escalator. Yup. I took a ride up the outside of the escalator and ended up with several cuts across my face. All because I wanted to be like my big sis.

2. I hate odd numbers. I know that is really weird and I have no explanation for it. Mike laughs at me when I turn the volume up/down on the TV and I make sure it lands on an even number. Even=good. Odd=bad. Allison=weird.

3. I have a huge imagination. I'm a dreamer with positive hope for everything. This is the reason I should not buy lottery tickets.

4. Stacey and I raced dirt track. We even built the car ourselves, with a little bit of help from our dad, and raced it every Saturday night in the cruiser class here in Springfield. The cruiser class consisted of two person cars. Stacey did the steering and the breaks from the drivers seat and the gas peddle was moved to the passenger side where I had it mashed to the floor. We were actually pretty good and quickly gained the respect of most of the men we raced against. It was one of the funnest times in my life.

5. Mike and I want so badly to start an adventure in flipping houses but are terrified we will fail. It would be such a huge life changing situation, good or bad outcome. We are currently in the works of trying to gather as much information about it as possible.

6. I handcuffed a boy to his desk in second grade. Nuff said.

7. I've been pulled over 16 times since I've had my driver's license (11 years). Funny thing...I've only gotten one speeding ticket. More than one police officer told me I had an innocent face. HA..if only they knew!!

8. I use sunglasses more for a hair accessory than I do for keeping the sun out of my eyes.

9. I worry way to much about what other people think of me! I credit this to growing up in a small town. Stacey rolls her eyes at me daily for this one.

10. Stacey and I walked all the way across Paris to get to our 1:00 a.m. It took us until 6:00 a.m. to get to our hotel. How were we suppose to know that the subway (or whatever they call them) would close down at 12:59 a.m. It was really scary!

11. I once took a road trip to New Orleans that was planned in about two hours. Stacey and I were bored so we hopped into the car.

12. I have had a tattoo removed. I was stupid, 18 and ran out on my birthday and got a tattoo from a huge smelly guy. Mom saw it, flipped and demanded that it be removed. I'm so glad she did because I would be embarrassed if I still had it.

13. I drink out of a Smurfs glass that I bought at an antique store.

14. The first concert I ever went to (Dare to Care here in Springfield) I got punched by a guy, fought over a backstage pass and won, and danced on stage with the Phunk Junkeez.

15. My epidural didn't work when I had Drew. I watched A Baby Story every day when I was pregnant and would freak out when the epidural wouldn't work for some girls. I honestly forgot anything about any pain the instant I heard Drew's cry. (Bad ass alert: Not one scream, yelp, word, or cry out of my mouth the whole time! Hehe..I just had to throw that in there to remind Mike! ***Yes, I realize woman do it everyday, it's just a running joke between Mike and on.)

16. Mike and I argue all the time about who is the bigger bad ass. I'm pretty sure child birth put me in the lead and seriously you should hear the big man of the house when he stubs his toe.

17. I'm terrified of tornadoes. Especially after Drew was born. The sound of the tornado sirens just makes my stomach sick.

18. Drew shoplifted from Wal-Mart once. We ran in to get some stuff to BBQ and got some corn on the cob, which Drew loves. He was screaming because he wanted to hold the corn so I handed it to him. We paid and were on our way out when I asked Mike if had paid for the corn. Nope. We didn't go back. I don't know how many times I've looked at my Wal-Mart receipt and seen how they have double charged me for something. I never go back. Gotta love life's little ways of working things out.

19. Mike and I went to the same high school, our sisters were friends, and somehow we managed to never speak one word to each other until we met in Springfield.

20. Stacey and I use to throw things into Mom's hair and she never knew. Think her hair now X 10!! One day we sat there and threw tomato chunks in her hair and she didn't have a clue. I wonder if she ever found those...

Okay there is my randomness. As far as who I'm going to tag...let me think on that one!

If you actually made it through this whole post...stay tuned! I've got a great secret to spill soon about what us design team gals have been cooking up!


Kodi Logan said...

OMG, your answers were gerat. My husband would love to do the flipping houses thing! He watches that show all the time! We would love to first flip our own house! My epidural didn't work either, but you are a bigger woman than me. I screamed so loud even my own husband couldn't believe it. I'm not ever loud, but I was that day. The pain also didnt' end when I heard Emmarie's cry. I didn't even really look at her until they were done sewing me up. I feel really bad about that now, but that's the way it went...I can't change it. Does it count that I can't take my eyes off her now? I can't seem to get enough of her! I also love the story about throwing stuff in your mom's hair. Maybe b/c I know your mom and I just can't imagine that whole situation. Too funny!!!!!

Holly said...

Your answers were so fun to read! I would have LOVED to have seen you and Stacey race! How hysterical! You do sound like one lucky person though (racing, pain tolerance, elevator situation, ticket avoidance, meandering thru Paris at night...) OH!! I was at that concert and I remember seeing people dancing on stage and crowd surfing!! lol

Rookie Mama said...

I am the same way about odd numbers with the volume, etc.

I have nearly gotten in wrecks over it (ya know, like almost taking out a fence, not taking out someone else's vehicle!).

check this out
scroll down to OCD tendencies.

I am demented. I know.

Loved your list. You should put it on a page. :)

I need to do more about myself I guess. That will be my goal this year- to do more about myself.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, Allison. You know that escalator thing was totally your fault.

Hilarious...good times we have had for sure!

Anonymous said...

I needed a good laugh today and I got it when I read your blog! BTW, does you mom ever read your blog? Love the hair story.

Michelle said...

OMG You post had be ROFL! Love it!

Laurie said...

The most excellent list! Thank goodness my epidural worked....even though I ended up with a c-section. I did make it 14 hours without one though...I think I need to tell DH that I'm a bigger bad ass than he is now! :)