Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Monday! Every time Monday rolls around I always think about the movie "Office Space" Love that movie!

**I got distracted and forgot to say thank you to everyone who left such nice comments about Scrapbooker of the Year!! You guys made the day even more special!!!

It's Halloween in August!! I am definitely not one of those scrap in order kind of people. I just can't do it!! This is my layout for the Consider Yourself Challenged SG DT blog! Challenge #2 was ad inspiration and it was a good one!! I actually flipped mine and turned it into a 2 page layout. I've had these pictures sitting on my table for months just waiting for the perfect layout to pop in my head. When I saw the ad that Laura had picked I knew these pictures would be perfect for it! Make sure you head over to the challenge blog and check out what the other DT girls did and play along with us!!

My weekend was pretty boring. I mostly worked on my class stuff. I did a little freaking out about a layout I have to do and I can't find pictures to go with the theme/colors!! I'm so close to being caught up and actually on the way to being ahead. It's been a long time since that has happened!

This Friday we are going to the races at North Central Arkansas Speedway. Every year they have a Benny Arnall (my dad) memorial race. Dad organized a bike giveaway every year for the kids at the track. After a couple of years it turned into a huge thing and the bike count would get bigger and bigger. After he died they decided to keep it going and named that evening after him. Last year was the first one and they had a ton of bikes donated! I don't think there was a kid that walked out empty handed. It was a great feeling to see so many people get involved.

Drew's picked up a "bad" word from someone. Mike's blaming me but I know it came from him! Mike's been telling me the last few weeks that he has been hearing Drew say this word but I've never heard him say it until this weekend. My theory is that he says it around Mike because he has heard him say it and thinks that it's okay to say it around him. I don't really know what to do to get him to stop saying it!!

This is totally random but I saw this question and it made me laugh.
What would you do if a leprechaun jumped out of the bushes and stole your wallet?
Laugh because it's empty and then run off with the pot of gold he left sitting in the bushes. hehehe
What would your answer be?


Kodi Logan said...

honestly, as lame as this may be, i would freak out b/c i know i don't have all my credit card numbers written down anywhere. i know, i know. lame answer, but true! :)

Holly said...

If he stole my wallet, as in ran off, I would chase him, I think. I would want to talk to him! I have few concerns about my wallet. One credit card and the # is on my bill. (Kodi~you knew that right?)
I think that is SOOOO cool that they do that in your dad's honor. What a neat tradition and tribute to his generosity! Have a good time!

Kodi Logan said...

now, that you mention that holly, it is...but i have credit cards that i never use...don't have bills for them to refer to. i need to just call and cancel those. i really only have 1 credit card and it is for emergencies only!

Anonymous said...

I would eat him. Green tastes good.

jamesandlizhicks said...

I would wrestle him down lassy! and then I would take his pot of gold and ride off on a unicorn.

Allison Davis said...

The way I see it he couldn't run that fast! Those elfy shoes would HAVE to slow him down! hehehe