Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Finally I am posting pictures of Chicago. (I really didn't take very many!) I had been really busy and after seeing that my undeveloped film rolls were really starting to take up a lot of space, I figured it was time to take them in. It was kind of fun since I didn't remember half the things on them! I dropped off more today and will hopefully pick them up soon. It was too much to drop them all off at once...would have cost me a small fortune to have them all developed at once! I'm so ready for a digital camera!!

Mom at the airport trying to figure out Sudoku puzzles. It was funny that she couldn't figure them out. I tried to tell her that it was taking her way too long to get one done. I had to step in and show her how it's done!

The HOF girls at the CK booth at CHA. It was so much fun to meet them all in person!

The Navy Pier. Well, the view from the pier. I wish I would have taken more pictures here but all I kept seeing were families walking around and I was missing Drew horribly. It was here that I hit that ready to be home point.

If I wouldn't had been so ready to go home I would have loved to take a ride on one of these boats! They were so big and it just looked like fun!

Random Drew pictures

What a goofy kid! Drew was playing in his sand box and decided it would be fun to try and surprise me.

Animal lovin'. At the zoo Drew thought that it was necessary to kiss each animal we came across. He even threw out a few "I lub yous" to certain ones.

Finally a smiling picture!! I have been waiting so long to get a cute smile picture! Maybe he's decided to just give in to my constant picture taking!



Too close!


Holly said...

Those last four are the best! LOL
They would make a great Tostito ad page!

Erica Hettwer said...

Wow! Great pictures! What kind of camera do you have???? You're gonna love digital when you get it!! I promise! :D

jamesandlizhicks said...

digi cameras are addicting!!! I totally "lub" those sweet pics of drew. what a cutie! hey I also wanted to comment on your hair, I am so loving my new short do. I chopped it all of two days before we left for hawaii and am sooooo happy I did! short hair rocks!

Allison Davis said...

Thank you so much!! I've got a Canon. It takes alright pictures but I'm so sick of the "wait, I've got to change a roll of film" thing! :)

Holly, it would make a great page with that ad in mind! Now my wheels are spinning trying to find a way to do that and not have it look just like my first one!!!

Liz, short hair is the greatest!!! Soooo much easier to deal with and fix!!

Kodi Logan said...

cute pics of drew. how do you keep your pool so clean? Emmarie is in and out and in and out...we have grass, dirt, bugs, you name it.

btw, i think drew looks a lot like your mom across the eyes! big time!

the scrappy chic said...

I love Drew's camo shorts in the zoo pics! Too cute!!! And, I couldn't imagine paying for all the film developing if I were still using a film camera. How are you getting them on here? Do you have to scan them? Maybe everyone should go together for a Christmas present...

Allison Davis said...

Kodi, we had just cleaned the pool out before I took the pictures! Ours gets so dirty from Drew getting in and out!

I always get a photo cd w/ my development order. Tonight we are all having dinner for my birthday and I told everyone that even if you are only planning on spending $1.00 on it in the form of a Best Buy gift certificate! I'm determined to get a digital camera and hopefully sometime very soon!!

Kodi Logan said...

we got our digital camera at best buy. we got it when they had one of their interest free deals for 12 months. we just made sure we made payments each month so that it would be paid for at the end of the 12 months. that is how we buy everything!!!!! we are currently in the process of buying new windows for our 30-year-old house that way.

i don't know what kind you are looking for, but Trai and I have a Nikon D50. WE LOVE IT!!!!!! They say the NIkon D40 is a really good camera too. A friend of mine has that one! Hopefully you'll win that big $10,000 prize and then you can buy all kinds of stuff you want! :)

jamesandlizhicks said...

purple crayons yikes! at least it is a happy color! the things kids stick in their pockets. and hey he is a cutie, so it is all worth it!

jamesandlizhicks said...


Aleida Franklin said...

These are wonderful...he is just too cute!