Friday, September 7, 2007

11 days to go...

till Vegas!!! I'm starting to get really excited! I also realized that I better get my butt in gear and get some shopping done. Gee, that's a drag. I haven't been shopping for clothes in awhile so I'm really excited that I've got a great excuse. I don't know exactly how long I'll actually get to spend shopping since Drew will be with me and seems to have inherited his daddy's patience.

Have you ever seen the movie "View From the Top" with Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate? (There's actually a lot of big names in the movie but I didn't feel like listing them all) Well there is one part where Gwyneth's character runs into a guy she went on a date with. I guess she was a little nervous and said "I'm great!", and he looks at her strangly because he never asked "How are you doing?". That would be pretty embarassing, right? Well let me tell you, it is very embarassing. I know because I did this in my interview at the Diva Craft Lounge!! I didn't realize it until I listened to it when I got home that evening. I could have swore that someone asked me how I was doing!! Very embarassing!

I thought, other than my random "I'm great!" the interview went really well. Poor Ali Edwards is going to think I have a crush on her now. I talked about her again and a little too eagerly said "I love her!". If I ever see her and she runs away, I would understand! That's two different interviews that I have said "I love Ali Edwards!". I promise I'm not some crazy stalker!

I'm off to do some shopping! Have a great weekend!


the scrappy chic said...

Hey Ali! I hope you had a good shopping day:)

shaina said...

oooh, shopping! I'm sure you'll find some great stuff! What an exciting trip for you!

Allison Davis said...

I had a fabulous shopping day! Drew was actually fine with going. He kept entertaining himself by sticking his head into a rack of clothes and then looking at me and saying "mommy, there's dinosaurs in there!"

Liz said...

BEWARE, Ali Edwards!

JK, I feel the same way about her!
(in a not so stalkerish kind of way)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali,
Glad to hear you had a good shopping day!! Just wanted to wish you good luck!! Woo Hoo Vegas!!!
Christie (cme37)

Holly said...

Any good sales around town? Did you have any luck finding some fun clothes?

Eminepala said...

LOL Ali's Are rocking ;)


Jennifer said...

For what it's worth, I always say incredibly out of place things but only in phone conversations with important people who are about to spend ridiculous amounts of money with my company.

Obviously people should never have to do phone interviews!

Just a few more days left till Vegas!!! Hope you and Stacy have a great time!!!

Steve said...

So, who cares that you said "I love her". Ali Edwards just HAS I'm with you on this! This is just a random thank you for being you {using hubby's account} [Royce/CKMB]

Katy said...


I want to wish you the best in Las Vegas. I have loved your layouts forever, and can't wait to see LOTS more of you!