Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is the longest I've gone without blogging in a long time! Life has been pretty busy and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

I went shopping again on Sunday and found my dress for the SOY banquet. It was a big accident! I wasn't planning on getting anything yet but happened to see the dress and knew I couldn't pass it up. I loved it! Of course they didn't have my size so I was bummed until I decided to try on the next size down, just to see. Woohoo, it fit! A new dress and I've lost weight! What a great day it was!

Now I can't wait to get some cute shoes to go with it!

I keep getting more and more nervous the closer it gets to the big day! I can't believe that a week from right now, we will know who the SOY is!!! I can't wait!

This is the wonderful hotel that we will be staying at. Stacey informed me last night that Mario Batali has a restaurant, (two different one's actually) at the Venetian!! Mike and I have always talked about wanting to eat at one of his restaurants! His food always looks so good! I told Mike that I would think about him while I was enjoying the food. That's what he gets for not going with me!

I'll post more later...I'm still crunched for time right now!!


Erica Hettwer said...

That is one flippin' cute dress!!! And, a size smaller!!!! That rocks!


Holly said...

Great job on the smaller dress! It's adorable!
The hotel looks fantastic, especially the bathroom! WOW!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Latrice said...

Super cute Ali!!! I'm totally rooting for you. Us midwest gals have to stick together. I totally love your work and think you have a real shot at this thing. Good Luck wishes are going out to you!!!

Liz said...

my blog has been missing you! But I understand how busy you are! Me and my friends are think ing of hitting up the buffet of the world wednesday for lunch if you wnat to join us let me know. check you email I am emailing you my # so if you get a chance we can meet up for a few pics!

can't wait till vegas, your dress is AWESOME!!!! It screams feminine and not at all mommy, which is A+++ for me!


the scrappy chic said...

Hey girl! Love that dress! You guys are gonna love the Venetian! That's where we stayed for our 30 b-days on our girl's trip. Check out the TAO pool. That place is seriously awesome. It is by far the nicest room I've ever stayed in. Too bad we were never in it:)

Samantha (aka, "HappyScrappySam") said...

LOVE the dress! You're going to look fabulous :) I can't believe Vegas is just right around the corner! Only five more! Good luck!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

LOVE that dress, and in a smaller size~ how awesome is that? Have a great time in Vegas!

Kodi Logan said...

very cute dress! way to go on going a whole size smaller! that rocks! so, exactly when do you find out the big news? i want to know when so i can say some extra prayers for you that day/hour! How long before we will find out?

Allison Davis said...

Thanks guys!!! :)

The banquet is on Wednesday at 5:30. And everybody can find out as fast as mom can type! She'll probably blog about it on the store blog, win or lose. I know that Creating Keepsakes will announce it on their message board that night too. I'm getting so nervous!!!!!!

Julie Smith said...

The Venetian is beautiful! Take a gondola ride if you get a chance. Don't forget to cross the strip and check out the Forum shops too. I hope you have some time to do some sight seeing. Have fun and GOOD LUCK!
Julie (Scrapperdays)

Jennifer said...

Check out the sexy dress! I'm excited for you. You'll have the best time. I'd tell you to take lots of pictures, but I guess that would be a mute point with you being a SOY!!!! You're gonna rock!