Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Missing Luggage

Stacey and I were suppose to get home on Thursday but unfortunately we did not have a good experience on the road home.

We got to the airport in Vegas to find out that our 4:00 flight had been moved to 5:00, which would cause us to miss our connecting flight in Dallas at 9:40. The lady at the counter was awesome and got us booked on a 4:30 flight to Dallas so we could catch the plane. We wouldn't have much time to catch it but she said it wouldn't be a problem.

So we are on the plane in Vegas waiting to take off when the pilot comes on the speaker and says that we are 15th in line to take off and it would probably be 20-30 minutes before we could take off. Finally we land and get off the plane at 9:28. We ran in a dead sprint from gate D20 to B9 only to find out that the flight had been moved to a different gate...thank goodness it was only B10. We get to the gate just as our plane was backing out at 9:34. I think I actually threw my hands up at the pilot, like he would say "oh wait, lets go back and pick up the sweaty, out of breath, crazy girls."

I was so ready to be home with Drew and Mike. This was only my second time being away from Drew for that long and I was missing him!

We finally found an agent to talk to and he informed us that there were no other flights to Springfield until the next morning. We both wanted to be home so badly that we were determined to find a way home.

We were walking out of the airport when Stacey had an idea. We could get on a plane to St. Louis, KC, or Tulsa and have someone pick us up. We managed to get booked on a flight to Tulsa. (We had to run to catch it too!) When we got to Tulsa, we still had to wait another two hours before anyone would be there to pick us up and then another 2-3 hours to drive home.
I think it was around 3:30-4:00 a.m. before we got home.

As if the story couldn't get worse, they lost our luggage. Not just a it will be here sometime thing...they have no idea where our luggage is. Stacey has been on the phone with them several times since we got back and isn't having any luck. Now it's Sunday and they still don't have the slightest clue as to where our luggage is. Talk about frustrating! There are so many thing in my suitcase that I don't want to lose or have to replace!

Anyway, I'll post all of my Vegas pictures soon. Stacey and I ended up having camera issues so there really isn't a whole lot to see from me but all of the SOY girls are sharing so we all would have pictures of everything.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


joscelyne cutchens said...

still no word on your luggage? I hope it is located and delivered soon.


the scrappy chic said...

I can't believe they still haven't returned your luggage! I would be highly agitated, and be wanting my stuff!!!

Holly said...

Smart thinking, Stacey! I bet you were sooo glad to hug your guys and sleep in your own bed! Good luck with the missing luggage. :)