Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I wasn't expecting this in January!

We spent the first half of the evening crammed into the office at the scrapbook store. (Mom, Marti (DT gal), Stacey, Jeremy, Mike, Drew and me.) We had this sad little black and white TV that Mom has had forever for information about the storms.

I felt pretty safe at the store and wasn't worried too much. Plus Drew was good entertainment to keep our minds off of the massive row of storms lined up to hit us.

After about 4 hours we decided to head home for the evening. I finally fell asleep at about 11:30 only to be woken up at 3:00 a.m. by the storm sirens. (The worst sound ever! They always make my stomach drop!) I don't know if I've ever been awake and out of bed that fast. All I heard on the TV was "take shelter, take shelter!" I woke Mike up and immediately we could hear the storm coming. It was so loud. I have never in my life heard wind like that before. I was positive that this was it. I just knew our house was going down. I have never been that scared in my life! Especially since we have a very open house without one room or closet to go into for shelter. Everything in our house is an exterior wall. Our power went out and then came back on in about 30 seconds. I couldn't get the TV back on to see what was going on and really started freaking out. After awhile I got the TV back on and we were in the clear. The storm was moving at about 70 mph so it went through super fast. Afterwards I was shaking so bad that Mike said it was making the bed shake. Did I mention that I have never been that scared in my life? When I finally calmed down a little I noticed that my whole body ached from being so tense. What a night!

Today it's been so sad seeing all the damage on the news. I can't believe how many areas were demolished. I don't know how in the world our house was able to hold up in all of that and I can't imagine what we would have done if we had lost everything. Mike (a.k.a, tough guy) even told me this morning that he was terrified and just waiting for our roof to come off.

I hope everyone around here had a safe night! Hopefully, we don't have to worry about tornadoes again until the season hits!


noel joy said...

omg ali! how terrifying! i'm so glad you're safe.

Erica Hettwer said...

Oh, my goodness!!! I'm so glad you're alright!

Kodi Logan said...

yeah, it was a rough night. i hope i don't ever experience another night like that!!!that was tornado extreme!

Christie said...

Glad to hear you are okay! We had a rough night here in St. Louis too. I think you guys had it worse though!
And speaking from the experience of having a roof blown off once, it is the scariest thing!
Christie (cme37 on CKMB)

Jessica said...

Wow, that's crazy! We had avalanches going on here. Crazy weather!

Rock'nmama said...

Thank God you're safe.

joscelyne cutchens said...

OH my GOODness! I am glad you are safe. I was terrified of severe weather when we lived in Birmingham, AL.

Pamela said...

Holy cow...sounds scary. I am so glad that you and your family are ok. How did your son handle it?