Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thanks to every who responded to the 2-page question! I was a little curious about the challenges of 2-page layouts since I've heard so many say that they think 2-page layouts are harder. I, for one, find them to be so much easier than 1-page layouts and like many of you said, I like for the pages in my albums to coordinate. Plus I usually have way too many pictures and I journal a lot. Trying to fit all of my ramblings on a 1-page layout is usually a big challenge!

I'm trying so hard to get a lot of Drew's baby pages done before the next baby arrives. It's nice to get a lot of these older pictures in an album before I forget all those special little moments. I'm so afraid that after Davis baby #2 gets here that I will forget things or get some memories mixed with the wrong kid! Silly me! Whatever works to get the pages done! :)

Going home with a new baby, I was terrified and excited at the same time. I was terrified that I wouldn't know what I was doing. Excited that we would officially get started on the new and amazing journey of parenthood. Terrified that I would mess up. Excited to get away from the constant shadow of the nurses who made me feel like they were just waiting for me to mess up.
I remember getting home and being so unprepared. We had thought that we had every thing in order and in the right place. We were wrong. We got home and a diaper change was needed. What should have been a simple two minute procedure ended up being a frantic "Where is this? Where is that?" moment. Diapers were still in the boxes instead of stacked in the changing table cabinet. Wipes had yet to be opened. The stuff to put on his belly button was in the bathroom. I'm sure it would have been quite comical to see me yelling to get this and that and Mike running around looking for it all. But I must say, it felt great to be home with our new little addition.

On Monday I learned that sometimes it's a good thing to be a worrier. Early Sunday evening Drew started acting really sick. He has been sick plenty of times but this was the first time he actually acted sick. He kept complaining about his stomach hurting and he was so tired that he was asleep at 6:00. I kept checking on him since I was worried and noticed that his breathing was a little weird and he kept moaning like he was in pain. Me being the worrier that I am, I wanted to take him to the emergency room but Mike insisted he was fine. I knew better but figured I would take him to Urgent Care in the morning. Again, Mike thought there was no need to take him. After a few hours of tests, x-rays and a breathing treatment they said that he had pneumonia. PNEUMONIA!! (If Mike would have been there with me this would have been the point that I would have given him the I-told-you-so look.) They gave him 2 shots, one in each leg, and we have to give him breathing treatments and medicine at home. The shots were the worst and for a couple of hours afterwards he couldn't even walk because his legs hurt so bad. So the rest of my day yesterday was spent eating popsicles, watching cartoons and pampering Drew as much as I could. I must say, aside from the being sick part, we both really enjoyed it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Holly said...

Well, that layout hit home with me! I love the way it all fits together and how careful you are being in the pics. Way to really tell the story and make me feel like I was a little stressed out for you!
Hope Drew gets better soon!

Kodi Logan said...

There's nothing quite like those first few days at home. I'm always amazed that Emmarie survived. And me too for that matter! I've often wondered if things go more smoothly the second time around or if you forget and it's like starting over. Glad you'll be able to tell me how that goes! :) Cute page!

Sorry about poor Drew. Doesn't hubby know that Mommy knows best? :) Those breathing treatments can be horrible. Emmarie had them so much her first year though that she got pretty used to them. What kind of meds is he using in the treatment? One that docs give can make them all jittery and hard to settle down...especially at bed time.

joscelyne cutchens said...

OH NO! I hope Drew feels better soon! YEP, I always say, when you get the feeling of, maybe I should go to the ER... you should go to the ER. I had to laugh at (If Mike would have been there with me this would have been the point that I would have given him the I-told-you-so look.)

the scrappy chic said...

Poor Drew...hope he gets to feeling better soon...love that new layout!!!

Latrice said...

Ohhh!!! I hope he's feeling better soon. My daughter is fighting a cough that's been keeping us all up at night. Talk to you soon.

Kay (ckmb kaydrenth) said...

How scary! Sometimes I think our hubbys just don't understand how strong the conection is that we have to our kidlets. We just "know" when something is not quite right.

I hope Mr Drew is feeling better soon!

lindsay k. said...

i just re-discovered your blog. how refreshing to see multiple photos on a 2page layout! i love the two sketches i've found thus far on your blog. i am totally inspired by them and hope to create new layouts this weekend! you had said you might do a sketch of the week or something. that would be awesome if you're up to it!

Liz said...

I am so giving Mike the "I told you so look" right now!! ! poor little drew! take atvatage of this down time and enjoy him. In a few months when baby davis is here you will treasure them, I am sure. Praying for a speedy recovery! any news on CHA? I am going to email you back, promise!!!

Love ya!