Friday, March 7, 2008

One of my favorites.

Mom's going to kill me for this post but surely she's used to the teasing by now. Stacey and I have always had strong opinions about this particular outfit of hers. She usually has decent taste in clothing, aside from her Laura Ingalls Wilder style boots. Anyway, I loved these pictures of her and Drew at his birthday party but let me tell you, it was one of the hardest layouts to make, all because of that dress. I have never in my scrappy history had such a hard time matching patterned papers to pictures! Finally I just went with cardstock, one of which should be called baby poop yellow. I ended up adding my own pattern by making an arrow mask and stamping swirls. Funny thing is that even though I'm wasn't a big fan of the color combo of the dress I ended up loving it on a scrapbook page. This layout is now one of my favorites! Lesson to all - don't snub your nose at anything till you try it!

I never thought I would see the day when my mom would behave this way. Laughing as some kid rolled a toy car through her perfectly placed hair. Keeping cookies within an arms reach at all times. Letting this kid cover her from head to toe with stickers. This isn't her normal behavior. Well, at least it didn't use to be, that is until she became a grandma. That kid is her grandson and in her eyes, he can do no wrong. She's taking this job as grandma very seriously and it is paying off. Drew can't get enough of her.


the scrappy chic said...

I love your layout Allison!

joscelyne cutchens said...

isn't it funny how becoming a grandparent can totally change a person? love the layout! :)

noel joy said...

very cute lo ali... and um, yah, that outfit is SOMETHING to work with... sorry ali's mom! lol! ;)

great pages... as always!

Kelli said...

the journaling is priceless! great layout!