Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What happened to Easter?

When I asked Drew on Friday if he wanted to go see the Easter bunny I got a very angry "NOOOOO!" I decided that since our Santa experience wasn't that great that I didn't need a picture of him with the Easter bunny too bad. Maybe next year I can throw in a "I bet your baby brother will go see the Easter bunny..." Is that wrong?

I figured we would have plenty of fun coloring Easter eggs and having a little egg hunt over the weekend so the picture wasn't a big deal. Well, guess what? We didn't even color eggs. Drew was very excited to and so was I but we both ended up sick and spent the majority of the weekend on the couch sleeping. I finally tried to get up with what little energy I had and get all the stuff ready for coloring eggs when our power went out. I have no clue why it went out but it did. Drew and I settled in on the couch again and he fell asleep in about 5 seconds. He was so weak that I didn't think there was much of a need to wake him up when the power finally came back on. So no Easter eggs either. I think maybe sometime the week we will have to have a faux Easter to make up for it all.

On Sunday we went to my Grandma's for lunch and this was how Drew and I spent our time there. We were both so tired!

He managed to perk up a little bit for his Easter baskets from everyone but it didn't take long and he was curled up with me on the couch. I love that Stacey took this picture (well, except for the not so flattering angle for me). It seems like I hardly ever get pictures of Drew and I so I'll take what I can get!

What I worked on last week.

For awhile I've been talking about making a mini album full of all the silly little toddler things Drew says on a daily basis. After realizing that I have a huge stack of papers with all the things he says I decided I had better get a start on the album. So far all I have is the cover but I don't plan on doing a whole lot to the inside embellishment-wise so the rest should go together pretty quick.

My favorite story so far for the "Silly Things You Say" mini album:

Drew has always loved raisins and eats them all the time. One day after he got out of the tub he held up his hands and said "Look Mommy! I have raisin gangers!" Gangers, of course, meaning fingers. I don't know where the gangers part came from since he can clearly say "fingers". Now he says it every time he takes a bath and it always makes me giggle.


joscelyne cutchens said...

that is so dang cute girl! I love it, raisin gangers! hee hee!

and you and drew look so sweet, tired, but sweet and lovey and snuggley!
hope you're feeling well :)
I'm wondering, I never heard, did the airlines ever find your luggage from Vegas?

Kodi Logan said...

Sweet pic of the two of you. Emmarie hasn't slept on me since she was a baby. Moments like that just don't happen anymore. It makes me wish I would have gotten shots like that when she was smaller. If Em's not in her bed, she's not sleeping.

I love the little book you made. I keep telling myself I'm going to write down Emmarie's cute stories or saying, but I never do!

Gina said...

Hope you guys are feeling better.We need to get together sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Raisin gangers...omigod, I actually just shot a little oatmeal cookie out my nose! That kid is hilarious...hope you're both feeling better.

- Stacey
(can't remember my login crap)

Allison Davis said...

joscelyne, the airline never found our luggage but I did! After several phone calls I finally took it upon myself to drive out to the airport and they were there. They had been sitting there for 3 days! Now why they couldn't ever find them when we called, I have no idea!

Kodi, I consider myself lucky then! Drew is so lovey! Every morning when he comes into the living room and sees me on the couch he crawls under the covers with me and cuddles. I love it!

noel joy said...

hope you're finally feeling better. love your little drew album, and that you got it all down. i'm sad i didn't write down more of the funny little things you think you'll never forget... but end up forgetting.

rest up dear!

Luv2talk said...

Ali....your work is consistantly AMAZING! You have a wonderful style...and I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing it all with us!


Allison Davis said...

Thank you so much Leslie! I miss chattin' it up on the CKMB. I need to get back on there sometime soon! :)

Allie said...

Such a great mini book idea! Love that. Those are awesome memories. Love the Glitter Mist too. I got to use that at a Generation seminar a few months ago! ;)