Monday, June 2, 2008

I Scrapbooked!

I've had these pictures sitting on my scrap table for months. They were rediscovered last week when I found them hiding under a pile of paper. I finally decided that I was going to lock myself in my scrapbook room and work on something! Mike took over the boys for a few hours while I scrapped away! It was the perfect getaway I needed to recharge myself. This going from one to two is tough!

The other day Jackson was crying and I started to head into the kitchen to get him a bottle when Drew walked over to him and just stared. I kept an eye on him to see what he was up to as I fixed the bottle. Drew then leaned over, pat Jackson gently on the head and started singing to him. It was so cute! He's really starting to get the hang of this big brother thing!

My favorite things about Jackson right now:
- The little humming noise he makes when he's drinking his bottle.
- How he tucks his legs up when you pick him up.
- The face he makes when he's mad... he looks like a little old man.
- When he falls asleep on my shoulder.
- The angry pacifier sucking noises.
- His frantic face when he's really hungry and you touch his mouth with the bottle. He opens his mouth and shakes his head really fast in a frantic search for it.
- How he snorts sometimes when he cries.
- When I rub his check while he's sleeping and he smiles.
- The cute faces he makes when he sleeping. He'll go from a full open mouthed smile to a pouty frown in seconds. I love watching him sleep!


Latrice said...

Don't you just love those new baby noises?!? So fun.

Latrice said...

Don't you just love those new baby noises?!? So fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok so with your list of favorite things about Jackson you just gave me the baby bug!! I miss those first months..enjoy them!

the scrappy chic said...

Love that page! Those pics are adorable. It sounds like Jackson is a real sweetie!

Kodi Logan said...
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Kodi Logan said...

Great scrapbook page...just in time for Father's Day too!I bet it must feel good to get some time to yourself after becoming a mother of two. I can't even imagine. I seriously wonder if I'm going to make it through this potty training stuff alive. Then someone mentioned tonight that she watches Jon & Kate plus 8. She mentioned watching them trying to train their sextuplets. I felt like a major loser for even complaining about one. It was a major reality check for me.

I'm sorry to hear about the lousy comment left about your mothering skills. Good for you for addressing it. That would have hacked me off.

noel joy said...

love your sweet little baby loves. it's so good to have them down since the days just fly by too quickly. :)

drew is the cutest redhead on the face of the earth! love the page. :)