Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Dad page

If you like stitching try this - on this layout I couldn't decide what color to stitch the flames so I took several different colors and took one strand from each. I really liked the way it turned out.

The journaling on this page was actually written before my dad died. He had retired from racing the summer before and I had decided for Christmas (or it might have been something I wanted to make him when he was in the hospital. I can't really remember.) that I wanted to make him a page about his racing. I started with the journaling first and finished it about three days before he died.  I even remember thinking that when Dad reads it he's going to say, "what, do you think I'm dying?" It ended up being on the back of his funeral program. 

On July 16, 2005 I took my son to his first race. Little did I know it would be my dad's last. He always talked about retiring, but I just couldn't let myself believe it. I couldn't imagine my dad not racing. I have enough memories or him racing to fill a book. From being 3-years-old and mistakenly cheering for him even though he was sitting behind me to almost jumping the fence when his car was engulfed in flames. 

I was always on edge when he was on the track and he always seemed as calm as could be - never getting frustrated or at least never showing that he was. My favorite thing came from a night when he was having trouble with his car. Seeing the disappointment on my face, he simply said, "If you're going to watch a race, out on the track is the best seat in the house!" It was his constant upbeat outlook, goofy personality and kind heart that made you an instant fan. It was his quick leap to offer assistance to a driver with a broken car that made him a pit favorite.

After weekends filled with racing, Sunday's were spent with recaps of the nights before. I loved how he would talk as if none of us were there to see it. You could see by the sparkle in his eyes that re-telling the stories was almost as exciting as the race itself.

Now that he will no longer be racing, the smell of rubber and fuel won't be as sweet, the taste of stale chips and nacho cheese won't be as good, and the sound of revving motors won't be the same without hearing that little Ford Mustang I know by heart.

Dad, you are forever in my racing Hall of Fame and a legend in my eyes.

I can't ever write my journaling by speaking to the reader. I like so much more to just tell the story. With this page doing that almost makes it sound like I wrote it after he died. 

Sorry about all the dad's getting close to that time of year. 


joscelyne cutchens said...

awesome layout, as always! love that stitching! but WOWZA girl. what a great new picture of you! your hair is so long! :)

be on the lookout for flat joscie coming to visit your ckc class :) she'll be tagging along with some ckmb buddies of mine :)

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Great layout, I will try stitching sometime...and never be sorry about Dad layouts..understand it too is getting to be that time here...Thanks for sharing with us!

AmyInKy said...

Amazing layout. I always love seeing your work - your double page layouts are so inspiring. The past couple entries have been spectacular with your heartfelt journaling. Your children will appreciate reading these when they are older.

lauren said...

i always love to see your racing pages (especially those about your dad), ali. thank you for sharing them with us!
you always journal with such emotion...i feel as though i'm watching right at the track along side you! what a gift you have!

Kim said...

That's just beautiful ... thank you for sharing something so personal ...

Jennifer said...

It's perfect. I know he'd love it so much.

PattiM said...
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PattiM said...

I love your LO of your Dad. The pictures are great and the flames really add to the overal effect. The journaling is beautiful and so heartfelt. Having sat on the sidelines of a famous dragracer, I know what you mean regarding pictures... Mine were more, family pictures were missing. Dad has some racing pictures and even has a web site and blog with the pictures. But we never got the movie film from all those years in the early 70's and some of the pictures that photographers took.
I don't look forward to the day that the stories stop. (Mom passed a few years back) I'm so glad he found a racing forum so he can bench race. He's met lots of online racers and even met a few IRL. Some are fellow racers and some started when my Dad retired. It's funny, I used to wish that we weren't racing and I had more time with my friends. He retired the year after I married. But, now I wish we were drag racing and traveling the world like when I was younger. Those were the good ole days.
Now theirs just memories as my Dad retells them and some pictures but the stories will be passed from generation to generation. Thats why we scrapbook.


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

the scrappy chic said...

What touching journaling! I love the layout. I really like that new pic of you too. I can't believe how long your hair is!!!

Aartee said...

What a great memory to have of your dad!