Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lesson learned.

My last conversation with my dad. I feel so unbelievably lucky that I had the opportunity to say what I did to him. I remember that exact moment like it was yesterday. I kind of have to thank my stepmother. Sure that moment was a huge stepping stone into my intense dislike for her but if she hadn't said what she did, I wouldn't have ever said what I did.

*Little side note - Click on the page and you can see where Jackson got all that hair from!
* Another little side note -  I spelled conversation wrong on my layout and of all places in the title! I caught it when I took the picture and then forgot to go back and take another with the word fixed. I came back inside after I took the picture and there on my scrap table was a sad little blue "n" that somehow got squeezed out. That's what I get for working in the wee hours of the night! 

Whenever I make a page about my dad I get so mad at the very small amount of pictures I have of him. A few racing pictures, some random goofy ones... I only have 5 of him and Drew, one of which is out of focus. I wasn't really scrapbooking that often then so I didn't have the constant "Oh, get a picture of this!" flashing through my brain like I do now. I would take tons of Drew but I just never even thought to take a lot of everyone else. Big, huge regret.


Kim said...

That is a really really sweet page.

Ali, I have tons of regrets about pictures I missed - right up to this past summer when my entire family was together for the first time in over 8 years! I knew EXACTLY what shots I wanted and unfortunately, not all of them got taken. It happens to all of really does. Treasure the ones you do have and the memories of the moments you shared.

joscelyne cutchens said...

((hugs)) girl, that is so special.

Allie said...

Wonderfully touching page. :) Those are some really cute pictures!

sssalad said...

What a wonderful page! Good for you for saying whats in your heart. Its great that you got the chance to tell your dad how you feel. TFS this LO.

Aartee said...

What a beautiful memory...Love the page and your new picture!

Pattie said...

Beautiful page... thanks for sharing it with us.