Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tulsa, kits and an anniversary...

So I survived CKC in Tulsa just fine. I must admit that I was pretty nervous but it didn't last long. The biggest challenge was having to teach so fast since each class was only an hour! I did met a lot of fun people and had a great time visiting with so many.

The worst part of the trip was that my bio on my sign and in the program booklet had not been updated. I'm pretty sure I would be freaking out if I was still pregnant. It was very uncomfortable and embarrassing for me and the five people who asked me when I was due. (I felt horrible for the ones that asked and let them know that I was expecting, no pun intended, people to ask me that!) It probably didn't help that I was wearing a shirt that very easily could have been mistaken for a maternity shirt. Believe me the next day I wore clothes that proved I wasn't with child. The whole situation gave me a pretty good laugh! Looks like I'm back on the diet track!

Tulsa was a lot of firsts for me. First time teaching classes that big. First time away from Jackson. First road trip all alone. First time staying in a hotel all by myself. First time to conquer an eight lane highway. First time to speak in front of 300 people!

Next up is CKC Kansas City!

I had the opportunity to play around with the Creating Keepsakes September Kit of the Month. It is a fun kit filled with chipboard (some bare and some not), clear shapes and foam pieces.

I couldn't resist that cute little chipboard house! I thought it would be great for a quote board to display in our home. The house, hearts and butterflies were all from the kit.

For this page I played around with some of the foam and chipboard. The "Happy" is big foam letters that I inked. My favorite chipboard pieces in the kit were the frames. (I used the one with "smile" on it.)

More foam fun on this page. All the gray arrows are foam. I also used a lot of clear circles all over the page. (They didn't really show up in the picture very well.) The circles of brads are around clear circles. The "run&play" is another piece of the chipboard. There were a ton of word photo corners with things like "picture perfect, what happened, abcdeft, 123456, hahaha, etc. They are so cute!

Mike and I celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend. It seemed like it had been forever since we had a night out together! Everything we planned or did flopped but we still had a great time. The worst part was our dinner. We went to the Macaroni Grill after hearing from several people how great it was. I thought that for once I would be adventurous and try something new. See I'm one of those people that finds something I like and then order it every single time I go there. Kind of boring but this time I wished I would have been boring Allison and went with something I knew would be good. Our waiter recommended Lobster Ravioli with asparagus in a butter cream sauce. It sounded so good and I couldn't wait to try it. I took the first bite and it definitely tasted different than anything I tried before. I didn't want to be to quick to judge so I took a second bite. I wish I wouldn't have done that. I actually gagged. It was horrible!! (I must say everything else we had there was fabulous and the waiter brought us a wonderful chocolate cake for our anniversary. And by wonderful I mean the best chocolate cake I've ever had!) The funniest part was later on that evening when we started to talk about our dinner I had to change the subject because just talking about it was making me sick! I have never in my life had a reaction like that to food! I would definitely recommend the restaurant but you might want to stay clear of the lobster ravioli! :)


joscelyne cutchens said...

sounds like you had an exciting adventure! :) I am glad everything went well! Those projects/layouts are so cute! and OH my Cuteness. that. baby. is. so. CUTE!

Happy Anniversary! I too am one who orders the same thing for each restaurant. I mean really, why mess with a good thing. and, hmmm? Thinking about the food made you gag? maybe you don't need to change your bio? Have a great day!

Erica said...

Happy Anniversary! Your baby is a cutie pie. I was wondering what classes you will be teaching at CKC KC? I miss taking your classes, now that I live so far from Springfield! What a great opportunity.

Allie said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had fun in Tulsa. I did a little shopping at the Vendor Faire on Saturday, but missed the classes. Got some good deals though. :) Cute LO's!

Latrice said...

Happy 4th anniversary!! Great layouts. I'm thinking about getting this kit. I like whats in it. Talk ot you soon.

Jessica Turner said...

Thanks for the scrapbooking inspiration (check out my blog, and you will know what I mean!)


April Massad said...

Ah! I'm so sorry about your dinner! :(
I'm so glad you had a good experience in Tulsa! We Okies love to scrapbook! ;)

sandra d said...

Sorry you hated you dinner so much ... I will say that chocolate cake from Macaroni Grill is my FAV dessert and it's often my restaurant of choice for my b-day. I, too, am one that finds one think I like and STICKs with it .. always! :-)

the scrappy chic said...

Glad it all went well. I think I have stayed in a hotel alone once or twice, and I think I remember enjoying the silence:) I am sorry your experience at Macaroni Grill wasn't better. I used to eat there in Oklahoma. I loved it! I haven't been there since it opened here. We have one at the Landing in Branson now...but I won't have the lobster ravioli:)