Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One photo. It's not just for 1-page layouts.

Yes, that is just one teeny photo on this two page layout. If I wouldn't have had that picture I still would have done a layout. This is a page that is more about the story, not the pictures. That doesn't seem to happen very often in scrapbooking since it's traditionally a combination of the two that tells the story, usually supporting each other and telling what the other can't.

Of course, because I'm a 2-page girl at heart, I couldn't let the fact that I just had this one picture push me into doing a 1-page layout. And in usual Allison fashion, I just had way too much to say.

The reason I didn't use any ultrasound photos on this layout is mainly because I've got a whole other layout planned out for those. I did try to use some memorabilia on this layout by cutting one of my appointment cards into a heart. I didn't end up getting as much info in the heart shape as I wanted but, oh well. It'll do.

I don't know if I'll get any more time this week to blog or not since I leave for CKC on Thursday. I might try to squeeze one more in before I go! :)


Jingle said...

This is a great layout! Thank you!

Christie (cme37) said...

Great Layout!

See you Saturday in KC. I'm in your 9:50 class. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck in KC (close to my hometown). I wish my schedule would have allowed me to take one of your classes. I love the layout, especially the journaling. I was in the store yesterday and the layouts are even better than on your blog. Thanks for sharing your pages - love them! Linda from KS

the scrappy chic said...

What a precious layout! Have fun at CKC!!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

I love this layout! That picture is so sweet... ;)
I am hoping to get a picture of flat Joscie with you at CKC ;)

Did you know, I love your blog

Liz said...

great shot as always. I love your new headshot and that hair is gorgeous!

Latrice said...

I'm loving the new picture of you!! You look amazing girl!! Gorgeous flower and hair!!

Nikki (online name: scrapyak) said...

Cute L/O!
It was great to meet you at
ckc-kc, your class was so fun and i've enjoyed adding on to my mini album! -Nikki Sivils

NICOLE said...

Love your work! Your so inspiring.