Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gotta blog and run...

So CKC Kansas City was awesome! I had so much fun. Plus it was so much easier this time knowing what to expect. All of my classes went great and I got to meet a lot of people that I know through the online world.

I just finished up a huge deadline. That's got to be one of the best feelings out there. When you've really worked hard on something and you finish it. Like you can kind of step back and be proud of yourself for putting that much into something and finishing it. Maybe it's just me since I used to be someone who would start something, get burned out and then maybe pick it back up a few months later. Maybe I just happened to find my "thing" this time! :)

A new layout.

It almost looks a little odd at first. You might notice that it appears to have no journaling...but it does. It's hidden behind one of the pictures. I had so many pictures that I wanted to use and I had so much that I wanted to say. So, I created a card/flap that one of the pictures is on and you just open it to read the journaling.

I don't have much time to blog since I've got another big deadline coming up at the end of this week. October always ends up being so busy for me!


Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog - and love your work!!! I have a question about the stitching on your pages, if you don't mind answering. Do you machine stitch everything, and if not - how do you get the stitches so even? TFS
Linda J

Lindsey said...

I love the new LO! Jackson has SO much hair!! I can definately see the sibling resemblence too!

the scrappy chic said...

Glad you enjoyed CKC, and I love the new layout! They are so cute...and getting so big:)

Christie said...

Hi Ali! It was great to meet you in CKC and take your class.
Congrats on finishing your big project! I can't wait to see it!