Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally getting a chance to blog!

• The pictures of these layouts are horrible. I was in a huge hurry, the wind was blowing and it was almost dark. I'll have to re-take them tomorrow.


On this page I stitched around the bare chipboard circles that are framing three areas in the photos.

This had to be one of the hardest pages all because of that leopard print blanket! Lesson learned. No animal prints allowed in photos!


Then I turned around and use animal prints on my next page.

Here I made a lion out of a chipboard circle and patterned paper. ( and no, I'm not planning on leaving my journaling in pencil. :) Long story.)

This is as far as the page a day is going to go until at least after Christmas. :( It was just getting to be too hard and when it becomes a struggle I stop. I'll pick it back up again soon. I've got 13 more weeks of products and page a day stuff planned out and ready to go!

The winner of the bare chipboard giveaway is...Kodi Logan! Email me at


Kodi Logan said...

I love the lion on the zoo page. So cute! And sweet!!!!!!! It took me a minute to comprehend that I actually won the give away. I saw my name on your post and just kind of stared at it. I love chipboard, so I'm super stoked! I've never tried to stitch on it...I'll have to give that a try!

Aartee said...

These look great! I have way too many craft things to do over the next few days!