Wednesday, December 3, 2008

#17 and #18


There's nothing better for a winter page than flock. That stuff actually looks like snow! I covered three different snowflakes with paint, flock and glitter. I learned by trial and error that the paint is a must. The first one I made didn't look very good without the paint behind it.

This page is for a class I've got coming up at the Scrap-a-palooza mega crop in January hosted by Star 105.1. Usually when I make my class layouts I still use them for myself but this time I was all out of pictures. I've already used all of my snow and winter pictures. At least I've got a page done and ready for pictures from this year!


This time I used embossed chipboard letters, covered them with glimmer mist and then sanded them so the embossed design would stand out.

I thought it would be fun to post a few of my mom's page since someone had asked and since I "copied" her design.

You can definitely tell where I got my style from. We both have very similar styles and yet at the same time very different.

This page is for her Girl Crazy kit club.

And this one is the tree that I copied. It's not exactly the same but the same concept. I love this page of hers! It's for her Generation Page kit club. My kit club is "everyday" type of layouts that will work for many different occasions and hers are all holiday, seasonal or themed pages.

How I stay motivated: (question from the last post.)

I have a list hanging over my computer of all the pages I want to do. One day I got really ambitious and went through all of my pictures. I made a list that has the month and year and then a short description of the page I want to do. Example, drew in green shirt, jackson laughing at toys, etc. I don't look at the list and get overwhelmed, instead I look at it and think that I've got plenty of subjects to scrapbook. In other words if I'm not feeling one I can find another. Sometimes a simple little switch from one subject to another can rev up the creativity. Another nice part about my list is when I get to check something off. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

I jump around a lot. Some days I'll work on something from years ago and then the next day I'll use pictures from two days ago. I think if I were to go in order I would get bored and it would seem like more of a chore. I just go with whatever is jumping out and screaming, "use me!"

Looking through books and magazines is a great motivator for me. Every time I look through one I'm ready to get in my scrapbook room and work on some pages! 

Lastly, when I get tired or overwhelmed I stop. Doing a page a day can get a little stressful at some times. Sometimes I don't have the time or the energy. When I don't want to do it, I don't. Simple as that. It's just like a diet. So you have a bad day and get off track. Don't stress over it, just pick it back up again the next day. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your mom's . Is she a designer too? I saw you mention "her Generation Page Kit club" so I was wondering. I don't have time to check out the link but I'll try tomorrow night! keep it up!

Allison Davis said...

She owns a scrapbook store (where I work) and has been scrapbooking since before I was even born. She does several different page kit clubs for our store that are a big hit. Sometime I think I'm going to surprise her and send a few of her pages into CK! :)

Erica said...

How do you put your pages in an album? I jump around when scrapping, but when it comes time to put into albums, nothing is in chronological order.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures always seem to capture the moment. Mine seem to be posed. Can you offer some advice? As soon as my kids see the camera the liitle one tries to grab it and the older two strike a pose. UGH! I want "in the moment" sneaky pics! :) Carey L.

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

How cool that your mom SBs too.
I enjoyed reading about how you stay motivated, especially since I need some motivation right now myself!
No pics to scrap? What a concept!

~ Kim ~ said...

I love love love that tree!!! Thanks so much for sharing your mom's stuff too!! I wish my mom lived closer & scrapped ... how fun that you two share that!

Allie said...

I don't scrapbook chronologically either, which is kind of a pain when it comes to putting stuff in albums. Most of my pages are just in loose page protectors! Love that tree page of your mom's! And the little plates on your Thanksgiving LO. :)

I will totally have to look into coming to Scrapapalooza!!! Too funny that it's in Remingtons... many memories there from 'back in the day.' Hee hee.

Allison Davis said...

Erica, even though I don't scrap in order I do try to keep my albums that way. I just recently switched to D ring albums and it makes it so much easier to add a new page. Right now the best way to explain my albums is organized chaos. I have separate albums for each boy and then family ones. I think I'm getting ready to do a big switch and go back to organizing them by year, at least for our family (me, my husband and our kids). I would also like to have ones specifically for Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, etc. My mom started doing that and at Christmas she'll sit out the Christmas album so we can all enjoy the pages.

See I'm a little chaotic! lol I'm all over the place! :)

Allison Davis said...

Sometimes I wish Drew would smile at the camera! He's the exact opposite. Most of the time when he sees the camera he frowns, crosses his arms and runs away. So I guess technically we are both in the same situation in trying to find away that they don't notice the camera.

The thing that has worked best for me has been my lens. Last year for Christmas my husband got me a lens with a huge zoom. I can be across a large room where he doesn't even notice me and I am able to zoom in enough to get a decent shot.

The second best thing that works for me is to be sneaky. I've hidden behind chairs, trees, walls, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the winter layout. I will try the chipboard snowflakes. I am not familiar with flock so I will need to check it out. It was fun seeing your mom's layout and I was excited to read about the one with the tree. I expect to get it in the mail tomorrow. Yea - love that tree.

Linda A

Dawn said...

love,love the winter wonderland LO I will scraplift that for sure. So nice that you share this with your mom. I love both your styles. I too get a lot of pictures without my kids looking I love the "in the moment" kind. Thank you for sharing great ideas.

Trishamaus2005 said...

Wow, your mom is an amazing scrapbooker as well, now we know where you got it from :) I have a hard time staying motivated, alot of times I sit down and want to scrapbook, doesn't matter what I would scrap just get creative, and there are no creative juices flowing at all. I find myself creating lots of LOs without pictures just because I had a vision of a LO and later struggle putting pictures on them. I have almost 200 LOs without pictures. Thanks for sharing your wonderful LOs and strategies :)

Holly said...

Can I just say that there are very few of your layouts that I DON'T save into a file and plan to lift in the future when my life slows down! Love your designs, Allison. They are creative, yet simple enough to do and not too busy!